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IG: Thennamdi
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Dey want to bring him down "@Sisunder56: Why are they on Tayo's case ??? 😳😳�#bbhotshotshots"
Samantha sha went to stick to tayos face dat she won a cup #BBHotshots #TayoTheFunniest
Mr 265 should shut up with his strategy to bringing tayo down #BBHotshots
Jj should getout from der. Dis isn't childs talk #BBHotshots
Lool and u can't afford a shirt in ur avi. Lool.. Employed broke ass "@ikanjoe: No, am not Unemployed like you "@jersy_lilwinsky: Are u w
Which biro shld we use "@ndossebright: #BBHotshots Tayo might win all the start meter bt he will not win the Ultimate price. Mark my Word."
"@wukster: Sam 2 JJ -"say wateva makes u fil beta abt ur lyf.On d 7th u will realise whether it was impotant or not." #bbhotshots" ouch! Lol
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Lol"@IamMaliq: Sheila go and shower and look good!! You're on TV for Christ sakes. Influence of dating a dirty boy now showing #BBHotshots"
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Story "@Oluwatosyyn: Story. "@EmiNiTybaba: gave you all my attention but still you ignored me""
Even nursery schools dey do headboy nomination.
Which r u. The Hoe or the loose Vagina?? "@Ms_Mollel: *Discussion Closed* I dont argue with hoes 👊😂�"
Dis chika ike wld still end up as a pornstar.
Igea azelea no go dey dis award show.
Nicki Looks tooo good. #EMA
Alicia keys looks Good.. #EMA
Europe music awards 2014. Epic venue I wonder if Headies can do diss
Who is watchn EMA
Tbh Permithias was my favourite Hotshot. Wld miss d dude #BBHotshots
Songwriter, singer,dancer, chef.. I know God has a lot for you. Go and shine my fav hotshot #BBBAE #BBHotshots
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So anoda week for not voting samantha out. #BBHotshots
Am going to miss permithias songs Big time #BBHotshots
Loool.. "@wizkitty: Finally he's out. Promiscuous Permithias Perimeter Permission OUUUUTTTT #bbhotshots"
The next housemate evicted from the show is Permithias. Sad to see him go but we know big things are waiting for him out here #BBHotshots
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Plz permithias shld b saved oooooh #BBHotshots
Frankie doesn't deserve dis. #BBHotshots
Frankie is using this medium to divorce his wife lmaoo... She wld b watch like. Nigga whaaaaatttttt... #BBHotshots
Tayos soldiers r goin down 1 by 1. :( #BBHotshots
Butterfly is goin to kill idris iloool #BBHotshots
#BBHotshots butterfly is really scared.
Permithias tf r u wearing #BBHotshots
Ooohhh "@phumelelafina0: @theNNAMDI are u maaad ...... she is nt up she will b up nxtweek"
#BBHotshots IKs outfit isn't all dat dis week
Big brother una don cheat us. We voted Tayo as laziest #BBHotshots
No love for any 1
Please drop IG handles
Drop Instagram handles
Evry church tinks der church is greater
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I hate goin for general thanksgiving, cos it makes me feel like am on a runway.
Jst imagine der was no such tin as Fashion.. Dat our mind couldn't process d possibility of making up or dressing up to look Good.. IMAGINE
I hav neva heard any church having any charity foundation.
Churches these days don't serve der purpose any more..