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@FlTNESS: If you’re a runner, love your legs. Don’t just run, run, run without a soothing recovery.”
@runnersworld: Drink up! Figure out exactly how much you should hydrate with our handy tool:
@thesecretfittie: Too much of anything is never a good thing”
@FlTNESS: Look in the mirror: I am Strong. I am Fit. I am Dedicated.”
@FlTNESS: Instead of being bored on the elliptical, get on some roller blades & do cardio in the fresh air.”
Burn 100 Calories: 40 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 squats, 10 push ups. #getfit #stayfit
@FlTNESS: Any time you can, cut out sugar! There is nothing good about it.”
@FlTNESS: "When you exercise, wear all black. It will be like a funeral for your fat."”
Are you trying to get fit and stay fit?! #follow me for #motivation and tips to help!! #follow #retweet #getfit #stayfit
@Women_Fit: There is one thing in this world that has the ability to change our whole life in an instant... IT'S ACTION.”
@ofthebetter: Quitters never win, and winners never quit.” 💪💪💪
#health is your most valuable possession. Take care of it. #fitness #follow
#MyFitnessGoal 100% dedication to the gym and eating healthy.
Burn fat: eat organic, drink cold water, eat more protein, eat breakfast, get enough sleep, don't starve. #fitness #follow
Do it for the "damn, you got hot!" #fitness #follow