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✨ Lil Tino ✨
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Both Young Mob & Fast Cash Bumpin 🎧👌😈
Now Put Yo Flags Inna Air & Scream Fuck The Other Side💂💯
My Cases In Kross Mailbox 😒
Although you may secretly fear loss of the status quo, you are... More for Sagittarius
normal people: taken 💏 nerds: taken 💏 hoes: taken 💏 everybody: taken 💏 me: 🚶
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Stop saying "I Wish" and start saying "I Will".
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Your social life may grow out of hand as the friendly Libra Ne... More for Sagittarius
Yall Females Just Get Mad When Another Girl Baddier Than Them😂💯
Your confidence is growing by leaps and bounds, but don't assu... More for Sagittarius
You're phone be really dry when you loyal. 😩✊👫🔐
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Finna Blaze In The Morning🍃
Memphis can have 10 kids in one class and still be live asf💯😂
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Finna Cop This 5c 😈
If you are busy with community issues or your career, your rec... More for Sagittarius
I Smashed Yo Hoe On Tha Low😂
Hornlake On the News For There Football Record 😤
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Your dreams of the future are a source of personal inspiration... More for Sagittarius
I Don't Like This Twitter Upgrade Shit 😒 <<<
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Fuck A Ex Bitch Didnt Love Me👌💯
You tend to bounce back quickly from disappointment because yo... More for Sagittarius
parents don't understand that our generation is completely different to what theirs was like
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Seek the simplest way out of an emotionally awkward situation ... More for Sagittarius
Android Shit Still On 4.1 😂😴
iOS 8 Is Some Police As Shit 😂😂
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Ik How Lock Messages😂
Yall Thought Yall Could Lock Yall Messages😭 I Can 😈
Exactly! 😒 RT@_Marlinciaa: Apple did not lie about anything. Yall ass just listened to twitter. 😐
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I Ain't No Stingy As Nigga ! Ima Hit A Lick With All My Brothers ! Gotta Eat With Family ✊💉💰💊🍃💨🔫💢
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iOS 8 bring dat assss hereee boiii ✔️✔️
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You may be experiencing a high-frequency state of anxiety now,... More for Sagittarius
Back in elementary school, when you were the line leader and everyone else was your bitch . 😴😂
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Store run Ian got no candy chips drink or shit all I got is squares.. 😒😒
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These Bitches Love These Niggas Hate Me Tho😂😴💯
Aw Hell Almighty So😈