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Corinne Abrahams
So in Tel Aviv it's fine to do roadworks from 3am onwards. It's okay I didn't want to sleep.
Hard day at the beach
Women's World Cup is so much better than the men's, real drama and no amateur dramatics #WWC2015 #YouGoGirls
How many is too many when it comes to watching Disney films in one week?
Hannah's breasts and wardrobe choices scare me #LoveIsland
Girl crushing on Emma Stone so much
On the theme of IKEA, why the hell do people eat here. It's like McDonald's within a homeware store. So weird.
The IKEA saga continues.
Life event: first trip to IKEA
6 days until Istanbul and then Tel Aviv #JetSetter #GoGetter
Shout out to @orlster for making me almost making me wet myself last night. Always on top form. #VlogStar
Mandy Patinkin is just too awesome for his own good #sundaybrunch
Major foot squeaking occurring. Damn you cool new sandals.
I mean, who doesn't like a good dressing down and lecture on a Wednesday morning?
Funemployment day 2: Disney Day.
I have an unhealthy red velvet obsession.
Game of Thrones has broken my heart.
Red velvet cupcakes. That is all.
As if I've woken up to a LinkedIn invite from my old business studies teacher. What is that about.
why am I looking at flights to Oz? #posttraveldepression
George the poet on radio 1 right now reminding me of you guys @ShaneORawe @Demirbug @somechief. #banter
Dear wisdom teeth. Kindly go away. You're ruining my life. Yours sincerely, me.
I love people who have no issues airing their life stories over skype in very public places.
the lemonade making begins. todos los lemons.
The first year in 4 that I don't go to parklife and i'm missing @JessieWare. Gutted doesn't cut it.
It would make @Joshyouarescott's life/day if @imLucyWatson tweeted him some birthday wishes! #BirthdayBoy
Gotta to love bumping into @precky92 at 7am post-Pangaea in our disco gear around Fallowfield
Made In Chelsea has gotten so cringe!!!
Alert! An incredibly sexy man has just arrived on the pitch and I don't mean Wilshire #FACupFinal
Help me. I have 4 Danish men dragging me around Bangkok.
I don't want to leave Vietnam 🙈
As my adventure nears its end, you should definitely read my blog #travelblog #southeastasia
All of the citrus fruits.
Red velvet cornetto. That is all.
@_CorinneA on my journey to college & catching up with your travel blog!! Love it :) glad you're having a good time x
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Life is giving me all of the lemons right now.
10 days left in Asia and the #travelblog is going strong. Feedback much appreciated!
“Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.” Anti-Vietnam war protest, 1969.
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So today I cliff jumped, abseiled some waterfalls and slid down rapids #ilovecanyoning
All the fun I had in Hoi An and more, read and wish you were here too
When you're on a 16 hour bus across Vietnam and your banh mi has pork pate in it when you didn't ask for it and you're a Jew #sandwichfail
I love Nam. I'm not leaving Nam.
Afternoon spent at an orphanage in Hoi An, such a wonderful one at that!

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