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Corinne Abrahams
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A book store where books are wrapped in paper with short descriptions so no one will 'judge a book by it's cover'😊
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you know too much is going on in the world when Buzzfeed contains more news than random pointless articles
planning has begun. life is going to get exciting..
gutted to be missing what would be my final @HanoarUK Mifkad Aish #FOMO #bestcamp #iheartHH
£3 on a watermelon and mint juice the size of an espresso in Soho. Seriously? Why did this happen?
new serious job equals new serious tweets, this is what the world is coming to:…
Lunch in soho gardens amongst the pigeons is unnerving
The holiday is always suitable for watching.
Real world job starts tomorrow, when did I become a proper grown up?
Feeling like @Euanb23's mother by taking him suit shopping.
From a yearly £220 bus pass in Manchester to this monthly in London. Thanks TFL for ensuring I never move out.
983 page book is taking me forever to read. Shantaram you are killing me.
This is the end just isn't funny.
Well that's my last ever @HanoarUK camp over! Good luck for the rest of it guys you're doing an amazing job! #chazak
Goodbye Albrighton, it's been jokes.
Song of the week: Stranger - Chris Malinchak feat. Mikky Ekko 👌
Heading to @HanoarUK camp in the morning! So excited for all the kef with my fav madrichim and Chanichim #bestcampever #kef #imcomingforya
Watching x-men for the first time, @taliarosy be proud of me.
Men in ill fitting suits is an upsetting sight #peoplewatchinginstpauls
film editing and baking, this is how Friday is being spent. #getmetoabeach
Know I'm a bit late but... the last episode of #HIMYM was terrible.
I gots the wanderlust badddddddd @CWood34
Catching up on New Girl, I have missed you Schmidt.
There is no way I'm going to sleep until I find this giant moth that has invaded my room as it will surely eat me in my slumber.
being twitter trolled is the ultimate 21st century compliment. :)
graduation pictures cost an obscene amount of money
Feels like the apocalypse is coming ⚡️☁️⚡️☁️
Think Billy Joel better get writing We Didn't Start The Fire part 2 - planes missing, planes crashing, ground invasions, lightning storms...
Got myself published in @JewishChron, glad to not be the only one who found last weeks article offensive
This storm is mental! 3 hours later and no sign of stopping
This storm is terrifying
ever so pleased to be back in my own bed
I shall regret this Bloody Mary.
There is exactly one known remaining Jew in Afghanistan – He sells kebabs.
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titanic or the world cup? hard choices.
The East London accent on a male is chavy and horrible.
If @SandyRashty is aware her articles annoy people, surely she should try and be less ignorant and learn to accept criticism? #eastlondonjew
exciting and scary times but hello real world.
Being indecisive by nature is really unhelpful right now.
Wish this man would stop trying to ruin my lunch break by trying to make unwanted eye contact with me. Lunch alone in London is not the one.
There should be a rule against parents going shopping unsupervised. Gok where you at?
yes iOS update, do take your bloody time.
Thank you @eloise_marsh for bringing this to my attention, all I can say is AMEN. Especially regarding hot vimto!…
Living on the tube.
never spent so much time refreshing my news feed. Craziness in Israel, rockets over TLV, what is happening?!
burning the midnight oil, I thought my all nighter days were over with my degree.