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Today will be cute aw
TWD later😊🔫
Hate cutting my nails really short, feels so weird when I touch things😫
Ahh scary dream😁
Where's my parcels 😒 new looks gotta stop slacking
Wanna get my nails done but don't wanna go alone 😪
Remember those aliens in that jelly and if you put them in the fridge they would have babies
Shimmer eyeshadow does wonders🙌
Why's psychology gotta be OCR😥 Edexcel was fine man😭
Stressed out man, allow doing philosophy
Love how my mum motivates me. If I do well in A levels, she'll get me a pug. IM CRYING😭🙌🙏💞
Who better for ya than the boy ahh
Piercings through the lip make me feel sick ew
I have a weird taste in men
Autumn is definitely my favourite season☺️🍂
I wish I could go back in time and change shit
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i fucking hate the fact that depression and anxiety holds me back from living my life to the fullest so much
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“@WhyPreeMoi: I'm actually crying rn 😂�” didn't see that coming 😭
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People who say 'bruh' are fucking annoyingggg shuttup
Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Toothpaste before orange juice, dead.
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What the f just happened to my muscles
I know you think you know me but you ain't even seen my dark side
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why do I struggle to sleep so badly
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You know what's cute? When you shut the fuck up:)
Feeling unaccepted has got to be one of the worst feelings
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Wanna do a colour run🌈
Scott Disick is too funny man 😂
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No better feeling than seeing yourself excel in something you've been working hard at
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When you see bae's got a new icon and you open it
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Walking Dead Season 2 finale tomorrow. So. Frickin. Excited!!!
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Why don't gifs work on iPhones😭😫
ariana grande is overrated but at least she's Italian💅
Found Ricky's old myspace photo from 2007 ...
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