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♡ Brooke ♡
Lmaooooo them pics @Danie_Phantom sent me this morning 😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😩😩😩😩 it wasn't funny
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Everytime I think everything going good. Some other shit is happen 😒 smh
This girl try eff my whole life up 😐
God is work in mysterious ways 🙌
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In everything give Jah' the thanks and praise 🌝
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When I look at some of my ex's...I be like wtf was I thinking 😩😭
So am I wrong for thinking that we could be something for real?
Loyalty is royalty and niggaz ain't loyal
Been had my heart broken many times.. but it made me stronger and wiser to the bullshit
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lol why people is get me fucked up like this dred why
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There's a million people underneath the sun that can find a million more but never find the 1..
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This song is put me all up in my feelings 😣
One MCM 🌾👀🌾
If Jizzle ask what I doing one more time 😡😒
Finally got a case 😌
Saw the finest thing today 😩😰
Can't sleep properly 😪😞
These niggaz ain't loyal 🙅
Y'all is be asking for so much. All I want is some respect and loyalty
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#Sagittarius tend to deal with everything with past experience in mind.
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#Sagittarius are emotionally detached but with the RIGHT person they can be highly emotional.
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#Sagittarius over think too much and that is why they keep on changing their mind!
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First he love mi den he hate mi, everyday mi feel like it's warfare
Baby I undestand the reason that you're leaving...but that doesnt make it any easier to bear.
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It's crazy how when niggas in the wrong they is try turn it on you smh
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@ariellelizabeth: A nigga will have you thinking y'all in love and be out here having these hoes laughing at you dawg.” for reall👏
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Learning new things everyday 💯