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PontiacMade KD
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"@WorldStarFunny: They gota keep this lil kid away from the playgrounds๐Ÿ˜‚"@PontiacMadeDDGG @_ASAPMobbinn OH MY DAMN
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"@ReddMonroeeee: Being high is the best feeling ever" Next to getting money
I'm about to delete instagram if it don't start working in the next 5 minutes
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All good things come to an end =[ I guess #MAMUN14
"@go_getm_macatck: S/O to everyone who didn't wear deodorant tonight at the dance #MAMUN14 For real tho I smelled some redundancy in there
Another day another caucus =D #MAMUN14
Nobody from #MAMUN14 follwed me i feel some type of way. I would like to make a motion.
Wish #MAMUN14 lasted for 2 weeks :( !!
Shoutout to everybody that almost lost their lives in the elevator #Mamun14
Thanks again for 200K followers! Random people who RT this tweet will win posters, VC, Diamond Player & DRose shoes #thankyoufans #bestfans
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what happened at cass tech with that football player???
This shit got me on 10 im scared to look away from the screen thats howyu know shit scary
Insidious chapter 2>>>>>
2k needa get nba 2k14 right then promote other shit real talk
Im au capricorn Lmao I need a scorpio btc where yall at??
Damn i haven't been to school since last year
@Ronnie2K 200,000 VC for everyone or catch this Fade
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2k servers always down shit >:(
Get it before it expires- All Eyes On Me #LockerCodes PS4/XB1: N14PS-QZPQN-JNU2Q-JYQX5-4DHJ7 PS3/360: N14PS-3YV8Z-NGQCM-K61QF-HPBEZ #NBA2K14
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So im scrolling with the *~~Nigga you thirsty~~* face on cuz down my tl all i see is "Shout me out plz" "Group R...
while Scrolling I got this nigga you thirsty look on my face cuz all I see is,"Shout out for Shout out" "Group r...
Gamma blues be having niggas at the villa lined up with tents and bonfires ยฉ 2013
That .40 dig graves like a shovel on my hip ยฉ 2013
I be wit some young wild niggas smoking loud nigga Marley got that .40 cal wit em blow you down nigga
I mean Detroit aint far from Pontiac shidd
#Remix If today was yo last day nd school got cancelled
โ€œ@_ASAPMobbin: Niggas from detroit throwin up L's now TF!?โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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Niggas from detroit throwin up L's now TF!?
Woke up draking in the shower like "mann i ont wanna go to school" looked at the news like Jesus answered a prayer
Dont catch feelings for someone and not tell them.
Got me feeling like... I wanna wake up to see your morning face
Nigha said 39 degrees is warm weather schooknock or nah?
emoji keyboard for android๎€ ๎Œถ๎€ก๎€Ž๎ ๎•๎„…
๎’๎’๎ ๎€‘๎‘
All these lonely hoes talk about is "don't trust no nigga", "don't trust no hoe" foh where yo man at?