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Cant believe i have to work tomorrow
When I say "im broke" I don't mean I have $0. I just mean I have responsibilities I have to handle first before spending on dumb shit
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16- you helped me out with some huge problems man and im always gonna have ur back no matter what the situation👌
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"How do you describe your social life" "Turtle"
Solid back workout 😌
Subban 8yr $72 million, damn
This is the fastest summer has ever gone by
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Everyone's either at a cottage or music festival this weekend and I'm stuck in Ajax😒
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No point in keeping people close. Everyone just leaves
People who say they enjoy being single 100% of the time are liars.
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Of course cass is at taco bell
Dont wanna work tomorrow😒
Before and after of work today. still not done though..
Contracting work all day😌
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Gotta wake up at 7 tomorrow😒
The Giver movie better not end like the book..
Cant believe smears is moving😔
Hail at the end of July.... Canada lol
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Oh shit its hailing 😂
Installing a kitchen all day tomorrow😴
Once the concert ends my Insta will be filled with pictures & my timeline full of tweets of how good their night was/how high they got
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Wish i went to wiz😒
So jealous of everyone going to wiz😔everyone's gonna get fucked😂
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