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♤⚔ Killuminati ⚔♤
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Me and Niles are having to much fun right now😂😭
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which one if you bitches picked up my phone when Isaiah called
wish my uncle wasn't in jail 😔
fuck it Imma throw a party soon then
DiabolicProdigy Prodigy
Better run boy , you come for me I'm putting that thang straight on your tongue boy 🔫
Matt & Lucas can't fight but big ups to Lucas for not pussying out
No such thing as anger management
just want me & my girl nothing to get in between . Idk if that's too much to ask for
always some drama yo . I just want peace . But I guess you gotta vacate to violence sometimes .
Y'all ugly bitches good for hating 😂😂😂
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The God of this thing they call "Rap"
When someone snatches your phone and runs off with it 😂�
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Oooo Little sister got fierce over time . . ( Nyrobi )
A lot of niggas really hoes in men clothes
Bad edit , but i got bored so figured why not . . .
Blah , can i get my phone back now :|
Getting some Jordan Playoff 8s, & some Kamikazis ,
My young homies gettin' money, we don't fuck around All ya'll niggas on your team, ya'll a bunch of fuckin' clowns
"Why she worryin' bout my next bitch Steady going on my Facebook Tryna see how her face look" Call 911 its a fire
If you a pussy then you a pussy now nigga And if you a pussy then, then you can't get down nigga
You a rat before you a rat now If you was a mac before then you mac now
If it ain't by Tuesday then it's fucking doomsday We gon have to hit you and sweep yo ass broom day
Man we gotta get it have it by Sunday If it ain't by Sunday we gon' get it Monday
Said fuck that damn Droid and went and cop the 5
Ralph Lauren nigga this shit so exclusive
Swag on crazy man I got the Timbs Bitches love my swag Niggas wish that they was him
Bitch come get it we could put you on Ya boyfriend mad we'll put em on Nigga I got flow money I got so much of cake I'm getting hoe money
Gotta get it gotta go Nigga I fuck bitches better watch ya hoe Nigga know I got it we could ham her ass, Get Dru Major we gon camera her ass
Rocking the OG Blazers today & shit