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gucci mane x fly shit .
dnt text me no bull shxt
music in my ear vibing !
at my big booty cousin house
talkd to my lil thug trell .
tears falling down my face .
I see how our "friendship" is .
the one bitch I was down for pull some shit like that .
I be feeling so betrayed !
ready for twelve so I can get out the house !
woke up with a headache !
getting a perm tomorrow !
if a bitch will talk to you bout the next , most likely she talking bout you with the next .
going on the west side toma .
walk round the club fck everybody , can't see cant walk fck everybody !
Stilettoes Pumps in tha Club !
bck in the gap Paper Planes was my song !
if yu aint family or tay dnt fwm .
ion fck around wit these bxtches .
ole girl don't do shxt.
head killing me, left ear killing me !