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Officially enrolled to 3rd year Primary Teaching🎓
Canny sleeeep
If they don't know you personally, don't take it personally.
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TONIGHT its #FurysOwnSundays!! FREE ENTRY for Students B4 12 & £1 DRINKS, SHOTS & BOMBS ALL NIGHT!🎉
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Massive weekend next week with the world's #1 UK Hardcore DJ Gammer aka Matt Lee - Official Page & Melbourne...
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Meridian for dinner🍴
It feels like somethings heating up, can a leave wit you?🔥
SAAS tomozz😁😁
DJing @FurysAyr again the night with ma boi @Roose91🎶
THIRD FRESHERS SURPRISE!!!! We have a #NEON JUNGLE PARTY Sunday 21st September!! #FurysOwnsFreshers🐯🐼🐨🐸🐵🐍🐅🐆
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Pistorius got bail? I slapped up a couple of lippy teenagers and got 10 days on remand! He smoked his GF with a shotgun? Gets Bail?? #mental
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My papa just phoned me and didnt know he was leaving a voicemail, it goes all silent then he goes "Ewan lift yer phone fur fuck sake"😂😂
Jose Mourinho on Pep Guardiola: "If you enjoy what you do, you don't lose your hair. He does not enjoy football."
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I'm actual so buzzing for freshers! So many cool things in store an going all out on the music with @_abigbambino @FurysAyr 🐼MONIUM
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ONE WEEK TOMORROW!! We hold a SPECIAL #SKINTTHURSDAYS Referendum Party!🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪
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Our SECOND #FRESHERS2014 SURPRISE IS HERE!! Thursday 25th September we have a SPECIAL #SKINTTHURSDAYS Silent Disco🔇!!
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Fifa 15 demo⚽️❤️
When someone says hello to you on the street but you don't know who it is.
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Me & me mate @noamdar ❤️
A farmer from Dumfries and Galloway is very publicly voting NO! This deserves endless RTs #indyref
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Nearly ran over a drunk guy the other night at Sundrum so i phoned the police & my step dad just got this text😳
7 week old baby hears for the first time..
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Back once again for the renegade master🎶
@BexLafferty: 😏” did you mean to have that in that background?😂💩
happy birthdayyy @CaraWalker95
First Walter White then Michael Scofield, see if Harvey or Mike die on SUITS i'll be broken💔
Just finished Prison Break, bloody hell that was fucking tough
#FurysOwnSundays tonight £1 drinks & shots! FREE entry for ALL STUDENTS B4 12 & of course our DJs😏�
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@YoungSlimDunkin: Damn i shoulda never cheated on my girl bruh 😔” put it in rice
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