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When I was a kid, you could go into a corner shop with £1 and come out with 2 cokes, 3 Freddos, and a magazine. Nowadays, CCTV everywhere.
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Uft sinister is oan
When the worst player in your team tries to tell you what to do
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When you forget your PE kit and have to use lost property ..
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Uno, dos, tres .. times
@SportingVines: David Moyes - Vertigo 😂😭” 😂😂😂
@TheFunnyVine: The appropriate gift for someone you care about thats ur bday sorted
When joe give bonnie a lap dance in family guy😂😂
I got the milk, eggs & fabric softener
Marve why the hell you got your shoes off? Why the hell you dressed like a chicken?
I had a friend who got nailed because there was a rumour he wore dinosaur pyjamas
@_Slauts1: My chest would collapse 😳😳😳
Buzz! I'm going through all your private stuff! You better come out and pound me!
It's there! Huge shout for handball after @_OlivierGiroud_ shoots. The ball goes back into the area and Sanchez slots in (88) 1-0 #AFCvSFC
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My advent calendar is being replaced this year by previews of the #AnotherLand EP @Will__Sparks, actually too good😍
Pantomime today🎭#MrMcVicarr
so apparently the numbers on the toaster are minutes? ive thought for years it was degree of toasty-ness
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can't believe this years nearly over, it's been the best/worst/weirdest year of my life
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Funny when you catch folk stalking yer insta, and their like just suddenly disappears from your notifications, here mate na a caught yi🎣
hopefully have our first original ready to preview before Christmas ! soooo buzzing to show everyone
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Hey, just cash the cheque & am bout to blow it all on chocolate🎶
When the drugs kick in outta nowhere LMAO 😂�
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Another great weekend @FurysAyr, Friday's #ALLABOUT was the highlight❤️🎶#twerkk
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@rosaalind your snapchat story is the best I have ever seen. Ever.
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Been working hard in the studio🎶♒️
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When bae is going "camping" with her "girl" friends but you gotta be sure she ain't cheating
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