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You know you're over it when you don't look at their page anymore. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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I peep a lot of shit but just don't say shit 😶👌
The sad part about society is Nobody wants to hear you talk about God they brush it off and Nobody wants to hear the truth
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I refuse to gain the world & lose my soul 💯
I'm fucked up about the kid 😔🔐
I never ask for much, I be on that simple shit.
When You & Shawty Get Back On Good Terms 😍🙌💍❤💕✊
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It's this one person😩😍🙈💍..
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Niggas will have a girlfriend at home but be texting another bitch about how he wish he was laid up with her😂💀💀✋
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I don't like feeling like im bothering people 🙅
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If she aint annoying she doesn't love you.
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a real nigga come along and make you embarrassed about what you been dealing with.
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Not even slightly interested in what your opinion is. I got a greater purpose than a hater purpose.
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I constantly wonder if I'm on your mind as much as you're on mine.
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Lol the kid will find any reason just to text me 😂🙊
Don't really like being here 😒 but 💰💵👌
I want this, in that order: 😈💕😳🙈 😍😍😍 🙈 👫 💑 💏 💍👪
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This weather 😴
Don't you play like that lol my mama Haitian!
4 more hours 😫💵💰💳