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When you hold grudges, you are giving the other person free rent in your mind that you can't afford.
It takes time to give ur heart "@cu_ri_ss: “@___D_B___: Your time is the most expensive thing you can give someone.” What about your heart?"
Your time is the most expensive thing you can give someone.
Thank you Sir. "@RhanD13: @___D_B___ you sir are an inspiration, I'll tell you that for free"
They may not see it now because they are shallow minded. When God is done with you, your blessings will overflow to the shore.
Your dream may be much closer than you think. It's not how hard you work but how smart you work.
Be thankful, Have a plan, Stay focused, Stay hungry, trust God. Your time will come.
God made you priceless. Stop putting yourself on the shelf.
Compassion indicates strength, while anger is a sign of weakness and forgiveness is about not giving in to anger or thoughts of revenge.
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Stop trying to change something that you cannot change and frustration will disappear. -Joyce
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Don't live to please those who don't care for you and forget to be grateful for the ones who do.
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Don't be around people that tell you what you want to hear. Surround yourself with people that tell you what you need to hear.
Be curious about what you think but don't believe what you hear until you do your own due diligence & know it to be a fact.
People's opinions cannot change the facts.
If you let #God calculate your footsteps, you won't miss a step.
You cannot erase your past but you can draw your future.
Trying to help people that are not trying to help themselves is a waste of time and energy.
God shows you signs so you can know which direction to head. Don't ignore them.
You can't be jealous if you passed up an opportunity someone else took that turned out great.
Don't abandon your dream because of someone else's negative opinion.
In life, you have to take chances. You will win some, lose some. The wins will give you confidence to overcome the losses.
Don't block God's blessings with your belief in self.
Don't be a victim of the guilt of your past. Your future is innocent.
Looks attract but only the Heart sticks.
Stop focusing your energy on faking it. Focus your energy on making it.
Change starts with you.
Failure humbles you. Success rewards you.
If money is your motivation, it will lead you to the wrong places. Let your passion lead you.
Every day counts.
Don't let money attract you. Attract money.
Riches can fade, good looks will fade, your status can change, people will disappoint you but a good heart weathers it all.
If you haven't learnt from it, it's not a mistake. It's a habit.
Time is the most expensive bill we all have to pay. Use it wisely.
Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself.
God does not love you unconditionally for you to hate others.
People on the outside can only speculate but only those on the inside know the reality.
You cannot overcome evil with evil.
We live in a society where ppl that have the least spend the most. Don't be a statistic. Save more, spend less, build wealth.
We are all related. Life is short. #squashthebeef
Don't let your pride cheat you out of a greater opportunity. #dontjudgeabookbyitscover
Be careful how you treat people. Sometimes the least person we think can help us are in the best position to.
If you want to feel worthy, surround yourself with people that know your worth.
Don't trade your integrity for attention.
It's not may but the weather's great. Another one in the bag for Mayweather!
You won't have to always break the bank for someone that truly cares about you.
If you don't want to be disappointed, Never do favors for favors.
Before you hate, love. Before you cry, laugh. Before you complain, be thankful. Before you die, live.
Don't believe what you hear, believe what you know.
Forgiveness can be tough but necessary to move on.