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Suze Orman
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Have you just had your first money fight with the one you love? Click the link & be on the show!…
You all are so funny. It's not like I eat that way everyday but every once in a while it's fun to just let it all go which I did
So I had Taco Bell - number. 8 Three crispy tacos and a medium order of Fries from Mcdonalds for dinner. I am in heaven.
Do you continue to spend even though you’re already in debt? Click the link & be on the show!…
Be on the show! Click on the link below & tell me what you want to buy!…
I am watching @PartsUnknown on CNN This is some if the best TV I have seen in a long time.
Take a read everyone and pass it along…
I love when I wear a hat till I take it off. Hat Hair ugh
#Approved or #Denied? My final verdict for Rothani is next! @CNBC
Are you watching the show right now? Get your Viewer Verdict in for 12-year-old Rothani! $385 bass clarinet? #Approved or #Denied? @CNBC
Is deferring your taxes in a retirement account the best way to go right now? An all new Suze Orman Show is about to start on @CNBC !
It's the tax refund mistake you may be making! An encore of The Suze Orman Show at 8p is now - followed by an all new show at 9p on @CNBC
Attention @Dean2136 and @christinabeggs I’m answering your tweets tonight on the show! 9p ET on @CNBC
Rothani plays clarinet & wants to step it up to a bass clarinet for $385. Approve or Deny this 12-year-old? Tonight at 9p ET @CNBC
Amy can’t close her jeans so she wants to spend $5K on liposuction. Approve or Deny? Tonight at 9p ET on @CNBC
Janie wants to spend $800 for an inflatable paddle board. I’ve tried those. They are hard! Approve or Deny? Tonight at 9p ET on @CNBC
Belinda's life-long bad financial decisions catch up with her & she’s at rock bottom. I’ll help her climb out of debt tonight 9p ET @CNBC
It's tax time again and I bet you're looking for ways to defer taxes now - but is that a short-sighted move? Tonight 9p ET on @CNBC
I am #AdrianneStrong. See why I'm so inspired: #TheSurvivorDiaries Tues Apr 8 at 10p on @CNN.
If you are like me and suffered from a chronic cough or silent reflux you have got to read a book by @RefluxDoctor….
Dr Jamie Koufman wrote an incredible book "The Chronic Cough Enigma" If you have a chronic cough get this book….
When you lend money or trade energy and the receiver chose not pay up just know in the end you will be rewarded and they will never succeed
.@SuzeOrmanShow Would you retweet this:… +Answer ?s re: potential financial impact? #Extremes 7pm TONIGHT on NBC
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Will it be #Approved or #Denied? My final verdict for Ayonnah is next on @CNBC!