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Terry McMillan
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#GabrielGarciaMarquez showed me how to believe in magic.
“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.” #RIP Gabriel García Márquez
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You haven't lived until you read at least one novel or short story by #GabrielGarciaMarquez. He helped open an emotional aperture.
Pride is the hardest thing for many of us to swallow. And yet it has no taste nor calories and doesn't weigh a thing.
I think I smell fried chicken. Gone.
I do, however, thank you all for your enthusiasm about DAY LATE movie. I haven't seen it either. Saturday, too.
That's IT for the photos. Sick of me. Next one will be a puppy or dinner. ;-)
Look at all the medication that's been approved that can cause more harm than what you're taking it for.
If the FDA did it's job, a lot of things we eat wouldn't contribute to our medical issues. Someone's getting paid to let things slide.
If you drink any juices by Naked, know that it's owned by Pepsi and full of chemicals. Check out this lawsuit:…
Some s---t you should just keep to yourself.
Time to read. Have a wicked Wednesday night everybody. Woo someone. Or, be wooed. But curl up slowly.
Be careful what you put on social media. And especially sharing body parts with loved ones. For the day when the love is dead.
Nothing better than talking to the screen when you watch a movie. It is hard for me to be quiet. Especially when it's stupid. Or, cool.
There are a lot of things you do when you're young you'll be embarrassed by when you're older. So do as much as you can now. ;-)
Never take anything for granted. You set yourself up for disappointment.
I'm having A DAY LATE viewing party in my hotel room in NYC with about 10 or 12 friends. They better bring their own drinks! LOL
I am grateful to everyone who reads my books. And, watches the movies based on some of them. I don't take any of it for granted.
I didn't finish watching Fargo last night. Too scary. And I hate crimes that occur in basements. :-0 or 8-O (don't know how to make these!)
@MsTerryMcMillan Found this throwback at a bookstore in New Orleans. You've always been beautiful sistah. Thank you!
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I don't like seeing myself on television. I imagine what I'd look like with a Lifestyle Lift, etc etc. Except I always love my nails!
Word on the street is that I will be on The Insider tonight. Being interviewed by the foxy Nina Parker. I'll Tivo & hide my face!
Okay. That's it for self-promoting.