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Michelle Rodriguez
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Talk about owning it. Beyoncé kill it lastnight down bitches. I'm all about that warrior princess shit but this queen is like Cleopatra WORK
#AskMRod: "What is the most important thing you’ve learned in your 14-year career?" - @Trishalas97 MY ANSWER:
I'm always amazed when Holly weird takes a make out session & makes it an official dating situation. That's not reality just isnt sorry guys
"Globalization has taken us by surprise, and we've been slow to respond to it." How we can catch up:
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Nice views & good tunes on this Tuesday
#AskMRod: "Who would you like to play in a biographical movie about that person?" - Mimi Blue MY ANSWER:
RT @HilariousSelfie: You can "rewire" your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you're grateful for every day for 21 days.
Faith in humanity restored July 2014 Edition… via @YouTube
Thought this interaction could put a smile on sad faces...
#AskMRod: “Do you have something against roles where you live in the end?" - Christopher Bran MY ANSWER:
10 Million Friends On FaceBook I'm overwhelmed with Love couldn't dream of a better support system Mad Love to you
#AskMRod: "What is the one thing that nobody knows about you?" - Aisha Taylor MY ANSWER:
I hope it wasn't a hope lost situation cause if it was a part of me just died... Sometimes people symbolize more than what they think (1/2)
Robbin Williams name etched throughout my mind made me cry laugh and think you'll be missed
It's the most wonderfulllll timeeee of the yearrrrrr #sharkweek
#AskMRod: "Will you write a book sharing your thoughts with others?” - @huey_c MY ANSWER:
What would America fight for, we asked in May. Where is Globocop? More apposite than ever
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Explaning the WWF market transformation initiative. For more info: RID 3857 …
What the F@ck are we going to war again? Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to 'protect US personnel'…
#AskMRod: "What is your greatest fear?" - @howforbes MY ANSWER: