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Lea Verou
webdevelopment 48,733 followers
I can imagine a hell where you are forced to use the JS DOM APIs to create & modify SVG, as a form of torture.
An easy, SVG-based way for pie chart - style loaders (and pie charts):…
Debating whether the new @Airbnb logo resembles testicles, a vagina or an anus. I wonder what airbnb will decide on this …private matter. ;)
— Knock knock! — Race condition — Who’s there? (via @Bantik)
Fresh out the oven: Animated pie chart-style loader with only one HTML element and <30 lines of CSS!…
Solving a difficult problem is a messy process. Explaining it a posteriori makes it seem like a straightforward A to B, but don’t be fooled.
If you’re as impressed as me w/ the Word Crimes video, here’s a fascinating read about the visuals by @SpaceParanoids
LOVE the new @alyankovic video “Word Crimes”. Funny, good content & mindblowing art by @SpaceParanoids Watch it now:…
Working on finishing the first chapter I ever wrote for this book makes me cringe so much. I hope that means my writing has improved since!
Ohh you're taking a picture again! Wait —let me pose first! My left side only please!
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You realize a system you’re working with is effed up when you’re genuinely surprised when you get the expected results (once in a blue moon)
Inner rounded corners (“scoop”) with only one gradient:…
Loving @hellofax. Saved my sanity from all these companies/services that are stuck in the 80s & don’t accept email.…
I think I’m gonna use pictures of @adamcatlace every time I need a random photo for my book. Cuteness galore AND no copyright restrictions!
@LeaVerou Reply with, "My advice to you: learn to spell JavaScript. This will help you in your quest to find the information that you seek"
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Starting to get really fed up with this kind of vague, uninformed, lazy emails. Am I a bad person for not replying?
@adamcatlace is a favorite part of my day now (thanks @juliancheal and @LeaVerou for updates)
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Singing along to my favourite musical. Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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Dear apps, please don't use single letter keyboard shortcuts. Some of us have cats. VLC, I'm looking at you.
Happy to see my Browser icon was published at the @nounproject :) Enjoy!… Because we need more Public Domain icons :)
Areas where PostgreSQL is better than MongoDB: ☑ Being a database ☑ Being a JSON database
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.@MattWilcox @sil On the other hand, if they were separate, you wouldn’t be able to do things like… though…