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I should send a load of #Thermoshots to Newcastle United then we would win every game ;) @VidarNutrition ⚽️
Really REALLY want Newcastle to win today!!!!!! ⚽️😜
Cheeky little car selfie... 👍😜🚗
@Claire_Roo91: @GazGShore get out ya car infront of me in wales and wave!!!”I am in the bmw in front @RyanJMooreX is in my car give him a 🙋
About to set off for #Newquay. Party time with everyone hitting @BertiesNewquay ! First its the under 18's & then the over 18's! 9pm oi oi 🍻
@evieisabella_: @GazGShore see you tonight #newquay” got a long drive but can't wait to get there
Fuelled up, packed ready to hit the road.... Bank holiday oi oi
Less than a week till my treadmill arrives and then it's thermo shots and lots of exercise time #determination
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Who's hitting closing parties next month? Check out this bad boy now online at @Project_722… 😍
Scottish night fun times!!! Series 8.... #gshore #lads #kilts
@abbieaston1D: Two of my fave people ever😍@GazGShoree@ScottGShoree �”love this pic
@GazGShore my mum just bought some thermo shots for her and me, can't wait to get them!
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... @MensRoomRedMall David where u at today?
Bank holiday weekend.... Bangor Wales tonight Newquay tomorrow western super mare Sunday oi oi 👍🍻
@coffeybean90: I'm in Tup Tup for my birthday and I wish @GazGShore was here” I am in tup tup
@VidarNutrition @GazGShore thermo shots finished so I've ordered another 3 .... Start as you mean to go on #thermoshots
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Newcastle tonight 👍
@bijouxbar: @GazGShore you out tonight bro?” Think do 🙈
@nicolac90: @GazGShore Where to go tonight?? Came from Scotland for a night out in the toon! 😜🍸👌” Bejoux then tup tup or house of smith
@zoeelouise: Sorry but this picture always make me smile @GazGShore @ScottGShore @mtvgeordieshore”haha good times OZ
Not going to lie quite impressed I completed this on the flight back from Ireland hahaha ✏️🙈