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Jen Dyer MD, MPH
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10 Fascinating Facts About Mobile Phones… via @mashable
Way too many insurance letters of medical necessity needed past few months…tons of time beyond regular charting to say same thing. :(
Help make it happen for 'Timesulin - Making your diabetes insulin pen smarter...Finally in the U.S.A.'… #indiegogo
Want to make a BIG difference in the life of anyone with #diabetes? Timesulin Insulin Tracking device, donate here:…
Ohio medical center discusses mobile first strategy and Epic MyChart Bedside iPad app #mhealth
Jawbone launches UP Coffee app to help users correlate sleep with caffeine via @MobiHealthNews
Working on several 'dreamy' type of projects through the night tonight…not enough time during the day. Anyone else still up working late?
Nerd girl problem: lacking the patience for waiting for my heavy graphic and video presentation to copy to my desktop.
Guilty pleasure: watching @Bravotv Millionaire Matchmaker…I admire Patti's honesty and how she calls it like it is!
Social media is the new main street. You know the curmudgeons, the stalkers, the cheerleaders. @keyinfluencer #socialecclesia
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The @WhistleLabs dog collar creates a social timelines of canine activity: | per @psdk
Met an adorable 1st grade boy in our clinic today who has 50 girlfriends!
Yep! :) RT @SPulim: Carol, TY 4 sharing! Had similar discussion with @EndoGoddess related to diabetes management @ctorgan #fliptheclinic
Could Validic be Essential to the mHealth Apps and Devices Market? Mark Cuban thinks so:…
Edward Snowden’s Words Still Looming Large Over SXSW
Super excited to speak about #mhealth and #diabetes at OSU College of Public Health on friday for a lunch keynote. :)
23 Incredibly Successful People Who Failed At First… via @BI_Careers
For entrepreneurs hearing "no" from VCs @History_Pics: A rejection letter Bono received from a record label in 1979.
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Mindy Kaling Gets Fed Up and Nails It With This Perfect Response to an Insulting Question at #SXSW via @PolicyMic
Help make it happen for Timesulin - Making your #diabetes insulin pen smarter...Finally in the U.S.A. on @Indiegogo