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Carrie Fisher
actor star wars publishers speaker 590,526 followers
Also enjoy Magritte & Kandinsky. I might give someone the bird-only to borrow though------not to keep
Best artist in any galaxy, Makoto Tojiki. The Captured Bird is now mine.…
Senior moments pile to hours...while away some soon with me. See Fisher
Me painting the town well READ at Tracey Emin’s 50th. Lost dance contest, discovered long-lost cheek bones!
Princess Leia and #BridgetJones walk into a bar... Best completed sentence receives personalized VM message from me.
Now that you mention it, all TV commercials are a form of pleading...right? That is what you said.
Happy Belated Friday the 13th from all of us in the UK.…
It's official...there IS underwear in space.
Gary proof reading my morning posts...
For those of U still calling me "miss fisher"--Formality no longer seems appropriate. From now on, please try 2 refer to me as "Buck" or...❓
Do u have PTSD? (Post traumatic stress disorder)? Or PTSC (pre traumatic stress supplier)? --Get upset before it gets you?RSVP🔮ASAP👵LOL=?
Pic shows john, our guide who gave us a tour of Dublin's least I THINK that's where we were...
I'd be frightened if you COULD keep up with my self obsessed tweets 4 the twaated & bold. (w/ @imeanwhat in Ireland..
Getting ahead of myself here----can't keep up with me AT ALL. I've got your back tho-wherever my feet can be found--want your back back?
In Dublin, Jerusalem to alcoholism, hedonism & naughty twinkling little eyes. Needless to say, ancestors on my mums side are ALL Irish .
Noted: pic shows gary's continuing research on pimps, dealers & whores '& their impact on society today.
Gary sharing a quiet moment of love with my beloved @stephenfry .......they both have impeccable taste.....
Saying that you're an alcoholic AND an addict, is like saying you're from London AND England.....
When U offer me happiness U offer 2 much, my ideal is a long lasting longing 4 someone I cannot quite touch..from C Fisher's diary1968 👧😳
Gary spotted at Broomfield House in Hay-on-Wye after a night sleeping in the Margaret Thatcher Room.
Maybe the only good pun= no pun at all.Esp after a certain hour.Unless U have a pun to send us all 2 post tweet sleep
My earliest addiction was reading. Tho books--however mind altering- don't quite qualify as a drug. If they did, you'd have to go to ReADhab
Gary sighted in Wales@ the literary @hayfestival. LiterGARY claims that he & Emily (shown) r 'just friends" Thoughts?