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Phil Plait
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OK, I’m out. Frozen toes, and I have a bit of video to edit together tomorrow morning. :) Enjoy the eclipse, folks. Next one in 6 months!
If you were standing on the Moon right now, the Earth would be dark, surrounded by a red ring - all the sunsets and sunrises seen at once.
Soooooo... close...
#Lunareclipse already looks red in longer exposure, and can see Spica (to the right) and another star!
I just checked. Yup, you can hear them!
I heard coyotes in the distance a couple of minutes ago just as I started making a short video. I hope they can be heard!
These were taken at 11:57 and 12:02 MDT. Cooool.
And we're off! Already getting good shots. :) Pics soon.
Partial eclipse lasts 1h 8m. Will the Moon turn red? You’ll have Mars nearby for comparison.
Umbral eclipse starts in just under 10 minutes. It may take a couple of minutes to notice the dark arc eating into the Moon…
I was into the tetrad when it was just a monad. #astrohipster
The umbral eclipse - where the Moon enters the darker part of Earth’s shadow - starts in an hour.
If you want to know how lunar eclipses work, I wrote about this over the weekend:…
BTW, if you go out to look at the Moon tonight, that bright “star” near it? That’s Mars. We have 5 missions there, and 2 more on the way.
Another place to watch the eclipse live online:…
Both of those were taken with a 250 mm lens on my camera, just so’s you know.
Pre-eclipse full Moon rising, taken through the trees a few minutes ago.