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Mac Ced 74
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Lost trust in these people
I never be tired. #iongettired 😂😂
Ion spend my entire life on here,but the boredom than hit.
Ian lying I think I'm ugly. Lol but I'm always proven wrong. #dead
4 in the mfn morning. Bruh what's going on.
*hits blunt* if a bunch of cats jump on top of each other, is it still called a dog pile?
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*hits blunt* "If 2 vegetarians are fighting, is it still considered beef?"
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*hits blunt* Bruh if you think about it...there are more nipples in the world then there are people...
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*Hits Blunt* If you were born deaf, what language would you think in?
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*hits blunt* Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made?
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*hits blunt* If you're waiting for the waiter aren't you the waiter
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*hits blunt* If I try hard to fail and I succeed in failing do I succeed or do I fail?
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*hits blunt* if money is the root of all evil, why do they ask for it in church
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*hits blunt * How come babies aren't 9months old when they're born.
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*hits blunt* "if you were born blind, what would you see in your dreams?"
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*hits blunt* What was Captain Hook's name before he got the hook?
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*hits blunt* Do you think sand is called sand because it's between the sea and land?
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Things are about to change completely
When the shit hits the fan and the only one who can make it better is part of the shit.
When I see the people im following on Twitter
Can't keep doing this
Haven't tweeted shh lately. What I miss?
I've come to terms that I'm ugly with a bad girlfriend. Lol shiddd
Ian make the mistake.
I only do this at night
Ion look to be known by all cause all you hoes fake.
I just fall back when I see I'm getting too close
Love will leave you blind to the truth
I like sex just as much as the next nigga so don't play me cause he couldn't live up too the hype. #murder
Say she woke up flawless. Bitch you know your head nappy and breath smell like awh Fat hoe bra
I love em freaky. Basic hoes get left...
If you don't claim me shid ion know you.
Realize I only come to Twitter when I'm bored. Sad world
Don't be scared to say how you feel. Throwing hints is hoe shit.
375 away from 1000. Chump change to some of you
Drop everyone just to keep you.
Move away from those who are not moving towards success.
It comes a time where you need to hit the refresh button on niggas you hang wit..
The time for cuffing is near...
Never let em hold sumn
It's said when they start doing better than you, they change up. Looking down on you.
I stop smoking weed watch how many friends I lose.
They just want to see you down so they can stand over you.
Ion want to be famous cause they just want the money
Wasn't born to keep you hoes happy.