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Too fucking nervous for my anatomy and physiology exam tomorrow, with my luck- I'll probably get one mark off the pass line.
Brain isn't capable of taking this much information in, gonna die here
Bag work was so much more fun than I thought
Haven't enjoyed today one bit, keep feeling light headed I'm that tired No fuck argh
Found it funny how I went to a restaurant in my gym stuff today, as if
Super nervous for my assessment tomorrow, fucksake man
Girlfriends an absolute puss, watching Annabelle on Halloween sounds great
Too much of a pisstake when you are starving but your food is too hot to eat
Basically impossible not to make spelling mistakes when you are tired, dam you
Got 3 assessments in the next 10 days within my course when I just started it on Monday😩 some one remind me why I went for very intensive
Bit scared to deadlift now after being told about some slipping a disc
Revision train sesh' are the best
2nd day in already sick of well at least trying to get up at 6.15
[press conference] "Do you believe that perhaps it was a mistake to cross the road?" *chicken leans into mic* "BOK"
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First homework in my entire life that I'm actually going to enjoy doing, erm wow
Amazing weather for my first fucking day
"@WhiteVBlackTwt: white twitter vs black twitter" second picture oh my god, can't cope
Getting an early night is unbelievably harder than you think, fucksake food you twat
So my dad and brother are going to Barcelona for 4 days and leaving me here, sound yeah bye
3 months until 2015 it's ridiculous how quick this year has gone
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Sorting out your twitter timeline is a massive ass chore, help
You know your spot is big when someone mistakes it for a small bruise
Lmfaoo sorry I treated you like an igneous rock
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Half excited for my course and half scared of how long the hours are, fucksake
9-5 is pure bastard
Can't believe my dad's thinking about getting a kitten, no way
Will not be surprised if people start throwing cups of cold water over one another's head and referring it to as the ice bucket challenge
Think it's stupid how two distinctions and one merit equal merit overall, fo
Why does @8enjaminross think he has some sort of bond with my mum
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Think it's just me who didn't go in today to get results, ha
Excited cos PT course is booked
Over training is such a bitch
Sad Robin Williams has past away- such a good, unique actor
I think if results day just didn't exist, everyone would be a lot happier
Rain is 100% pure bastard
What is the point in going on my account and blocking certain people, if someone could answer this I'd be very grateful
How fucking immature do you wanna get bloody hell
Wine and coke, why not Spain????
Whisky is my bestfriend
Nothing worse than attempting to fall asleep in a sandy bed