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Trip to doc greens on my own, fun that
Struggling trying to make the hardest decision of the day, what to have for breakfast
"Why didn't you revise over the holidays?" Me: "the sun was stopping me"
Some of my dreams mess with my head so bad, eurgh stop
So dead, someone help me
Well that was a massive mistake
These two weeks are just going to go in a blink, how do I slow down time
Pissed that all my whatsapp photos have been deleted of the app, fgs argh
Getting a bit sick of this sinus infection now
Got the gym all to myself, woo
In a proper 'get pissed till I can't stand up' mood, ok what the fuck
I really do fucking love the sun, why can't it be like this everyday
Phones so good, shit man
Thought this would of stopped by now
trying to get an early night in the holidays is probably the hardest thing you can attempt to do
Really just want something to do
those who don't appreciate, don't deserve
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Got a thing for avocados rn, cant stop eating them
what a lovely photo