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Dating Website CEO: Love Is For Poor People…
.@billclinton and I are over the moon to be grandparents! One of the happiest moments of our life.
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News Anchor Sparks Outrage After Getting Caught Trashing Welfare Recipients On Live Microphone (VIDEO)…
Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Took To Instagram To Taunt Us With Their Beauty… via @UPROXX
See, using the street address instead of saying White House makes you sound like a much smarter person #At1400Pennsylvania
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you want Obama's birth certificate I want sarah palin's high school diploma #at1400pennsylvania
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Drunken house party brawls are a weekly event #At1400Pennsylvania
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#At1400Pennsylvania where PaulRevere is always "ringing those bells"! Sarah Palin, historical revisionist.
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4chan Responds to Emma Watson's UN Speech With a Disgusting Threat by @mattessert… via @micnews
IMAGE: Woman With Three Boobs via @FreeWoodPost
Emma Watson Says That The View Feminism Is “Man Hating” Has To Stop… via @RossalynWarren
How to Save on Food | How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half | Coupon Tips via @RuthSoukup
This Is What Sex Looks Like Inside An MRI Machine | IFLScience…
31+ Braid Hacks for Moms – for long and short hair | How Does She:…
Sony A7s Video Shot Using Only Moonlight Looks Like it Was Captured at Dawn…
Watch this Pastor Silence this Right Wing Extremist - via @BlueNationRev
Clark College students notified 2 Level III sex offenders attending classes… via @KATUNews
Cyndi Lauper Opens Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth via @RollingStone
Conservatives Are Losing Their Sh*t Over The New Miss America…
Those "I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend" Facebook updates are code for "I'm totally in the doghouse and I hope this bs helps."
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This Rude Woman Just Littered. How This Motorcyclist Responds Had Me Cheering (via @theSFGlobe)…
11-Year-Old Locked Up For Crossing Border Writes Desperate Letter To Obama (IMAGE)…
Meat Is Killing Us -- Can the Frankenburger Save the Planet? | Alternet…
Check out Uncover 9/11: Hunter S Thompson via @GovJVentura on @OraTV
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 releases first full trailer via @guardian
Out Of Space Candy Apples Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes…
You know what’s really punk? Not letting anyone tell you you’re not punk enough. (via @Upworthy)…
The state of the music industry - The Oatmeal… via @Oatmeal
9 Months On, Koch Fears Realized After Town Raised Minimum Wage To $15…
Urban Outfitters Features “Vintage” Red-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt… via @michellebvd
‘Django Unchained’ Actress Detained After Kissing Husband When Police Mistake Her For Prostitute…
Ellen DeGeneres' Robin Williams/Joan Rivers Tribute is Gold @HitFixRiot
Woman’s Quest To Find Owner Of Wedding Photo Discovered At Ground Zero Has Amazing Ending… via @passantino
In Defense of Secular Parenting via @AtheistRepublic
Crazed Mom With Child In Car Has Worst Road Rage Meltdown Ever: ‘Film This, Fatty!’ (VIDEO)…
Just heard Chris Brown gave anger management advice to Ray Rice. Which is like the Duggars giving advice on birth control.
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George Zimmerman threatened to kill a man in a road rage incident. But it was probably the other guys fault for wearing a car.
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4 Magical Words You Should Say To Your Kids Instead Of "You're So Smart"…
Trees Are Dying From ‘No Obvious Cause’ In Rocky Mountains, Report Says via @climateprogress
Stretch Hummers. A bloody brawl. And Sarah Palin? via @washingtonpost
Don't use religion to cloak bias toward LGBT families
One Hilarious Video Sums Up Exactly What We're All Thinking About the Apple Watch by @jaredbkeller… via @micnews
Stephen Hawking: Research On the ‘God Particle’ Could Cause Space-Time to Collapse | Alternet…
Anti-Gay Group Launches Boycott Against Target For Supporting Marriage…
12 Simple Beauty Tips That Will Make All The Difference… via @Knevs14 @BuzzFeed