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What really goes on inside a dog's brain? Are dogs capable of love? @andersoncooper found out:
Prominent doctors fight back as drug companies hike the prices on cancer drugs
James Comey, the director of the @FBI, on the "dozen or so" Americans fighting with ISIS in Syria:
Correction: This tweet from last night included a misspelling; Oxycontin should be oxytocin, the "love hormone"
"I've always wondered if my dog is scamming me." @andersoncooper on whether our dogs love us
As drug companies hike the prices on cancer drugs, prominent doctors fight back
"Cybercrime is becoming everything in's an epidemic"
"What's special is that he spent so much time playing these games to help her learn words, are there lots of Chasers out there? Absolutely."
"What we know now is that when dogs are actually looking at you, they're essentially hugging you with their eyes."
"We know...when dogs and humans make eye contact, that...releases what's known as the love hormone, oxycontin, in both the dog & the human"
"Of all the species, it's dogs that are showing...abilities that are really important that allow humans to develop culture and language."
"This is very serious science. We're not talking about stupid pet tricks..."- Duke evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare
Chaser the border collie has a vocabulary up to 3x the average 2 year old
"She's our child...she comes first." - 86-year-old John Pilley re: his border collie Chaser
Now on #60Minutes: Meet Chaser, the so-called "smartest dog in the world"
"The only drug that works is a drug that a patient can afford."
"American patients end up paying two to three times more for the same drug compared to Canadians or Europeans or Australians and others."
"One op-ed in the New York Times from one hospital and they said, "Oh, okay, we'll charge a different price."
"We have a pricing system for drugs which is completely dictated by the people who are making the drugs."
"I think we're not going to include a new cancer drug [in a clinical trial] because it costs too much."
Some cancer patients who can't afford medicine take half-doses or delay filling their prescriptions to save money, @LesleyRStahl reports
The general price for a new cancer drug is "well over $100,000 a year"
"A cancer diagnosis is one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy." -- Dr Leonard Saltz of @sloan_kettering cancer center
Now on #60Minutes: Lesley Stahl on the fight against the astronomical cost of cancer drugs
Could the new iPhone be a threat to national security? Find out next Sunday on 60 Minutes
The FBI is at the "high school soccer" level but "the bad guys are movin' at World Cup speed. So we have to get better."
"There are 2 kinds of big companies in the US...those who've been hacked by [China] & those who don't know they've been hacked by [China]"
The @FBI's James Comey says he intends the to fight crime and espionage online in his 10-year term as the agency's director
"A gunman...held the two of us captive...a pretty horrific experience," @FBI's James Comey on his own experience as a crime victim
Comey oversees the FBI's 34,000 employees and agency's over 8 billion dollar budget
An American who's fought with ISIS is "entitled to come back" "unless their passport's revoked says @FBI's James Comey
Now on #60Minutes: FBI Director James Comey's first major television interview
Stay tuned -- #60Minutes will begin right after the #NFL game ends on @CBS
How many words can a dog be taught to recognize? 20, 100, 1000? What do you think? Find out on @60Minutes tonight
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What really goes on inside a dog's brain? @AC360 reports on man's longtime companions, tonight on #60Minutes
What does the FBI know about Americans fighting with ISIS? FBI Director tells @ScottPelley tonight on #60Minutes
Sunday on #60 Minutes: @LesleyRStahl reports on the high cost of cancer drugs
James Comey sits for his first major TV interview as FBI Director, Sunday on #60Minutes:
Do dogs really love us or do they just dole out licks to get fed? @AC360 reports, Sunday:
The FBI's effort to fight ID theft and industrial espionage, Sunday on #60Minutes:
Can science help us see into the minds of dogs? Find out Sunday on #60Minutes
How is the new FBI director taking on the fight against ISIS? Find out Sunday on #60Minutes:
MT @60minSports: Preview our piece on poker champion Phil Ivey & catch it in full on Tues, Oct 7 on @SHO_Network
A proud night for all of @CBSNews with 10 Emmys and a fine tribute to the great Bill Small:
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Congratulations to @60Minutes and @CBSNews for winning 10 Emmys last night! #NewsEmmys
His employees trust him with more than just their careers, Alibaba founder Jack Ma explains:
Imminent Danger @60Minutes wins Emmy for best continuing coverage of a news story in a news magazine. #newsemmys
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