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60 Minutes
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Will an uptick in commercial drones threaten your personal privacy?
Drones are getting a new look – manufacturers are now designing ones that look like birds:
.@BobSimon1 explores the history of Egypt's Christian minority:
A heated debate between jazz greats @wyntonmarsalis and pianist Marcus Roberts about "God's favorite instrument"
What turned a 2011 peaceful protest by Egyptian Christians into a bloodbath?
Drones in flight, airborne over Austin. WATCH:
From monitoring farm fields to delivering packages -- @60Minutes looks at commercial drones:
.@wyntonmarsalis profiles "fearsome and fearless" jazz pianist Marcus Roberts:
How a blind pianist gained incredible insights into American music and inspired a whole generation of jazz musicians:
Will the skies of the future be filled with buzzing drones? Morley Safer reports, tonight:
"They looted everything, from chairs to pews." an Egyptian church caretaker recalls last year's attacks:
A profile of one of the greatest American musicians most people have never heard of:
Morley Safer explores the new, hardly regulated world of commercial drones:
Jazz pianist Marcus Roberts talks about "one of the most… exciting days" of his life:
.@BobSimon1 reports on the ongoing sectarian violence against Egypt's Christian minority:
Are privately owned drones just "flying peeping Toms?" @60Minutes reports:
A heated debate between jazz greats @wyntonmarsalis and pianist Marcus Roberts about "God's favorite instrument"
What do jazz and football have in common? Wynton Marsalis explains:
"With sight or without, there are very few people" who can play the piano like jazz great Marcus Roberts:
.@wyntonmarsalis traces roots of jazz great Marcus Roberts in this 60MinutesOvertime gem to tee up Sun @60Minutes
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Refugees from Iraq are flooding into Jordan by the thousands. Tonight @ScottPelley is near the Syria-Jordan border.
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How much has Leno changed after two decades of hosting The Tonight Show? "Surprisingly little," says Steve Kroft:
After reporting on @100khomes, @andersoncooper says it was "ridiculous" he ignored the homeless man outside his home:
See before-and-after photos that capture the physical transformations of homeless people: