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All Ask For Acknowledgment!
Thanks in advance @onepiece 💘
Don't Let Notifications And Updates Run Your Life.
You Have To Get Accustomed To Change To Truly Be Successful. Delete & Add Things To Your Life ! #BurningStar ⚰🗡
Gone In A The Cut #BurningStar
What Are These Numbers If They Don't Add Up 🕳
I Pray I Can Be That Boy My Mama Proud Of 📿
Sometimes You Got To Go In The Cut For Yourself I Realizer That Years Ago. At It Again.
All I Been Doing This Weekend Is Getting Drunk & High Studying For School & Staying Positive
Us: Can we get 3 way FaceTime & better quality charging cables ? Apple:
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When Your Friends Not Really Your Friends 😂😂BnQ
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Wake Up Tomorrow & Study For That Test study art + Psychology Charged up Fr
As Soon As I Hit The Hit Crib I'm Going Smack Out
My Life Is Something Just Can't Put The Word On It Yet
Still On This LSD Sheesh
Oh Shit I Got Class Tomorrow
Time For Me To Be On Some Next Level Shit
I Laugh A lot Don't Let The Cameras Fool You
Pray For Me As I Dab In The Sauce
On LSD At Work Bad Idea but it's Lit
@RahByGod lol they were foul af, every man's worst fears
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That's My Best Friend Oedipus I Think…
My Mama Still Sees Me As Her Baby Boy Even W/ All These Tats On My Face
Trynah Graduate From@A Hot Box
If I Don't Make It I Wonder What I Will Do
Broke Niggas Stand To The Left Side
Love To Get Money On This Side
I Thank God For My Loving And Caring Parents
Friends And Enemies Are Hand & Hand
Everybody Wanna Be "Famous" Let That Money Come First
My Caucasian Budz 💘
Awww Adriene & Brian Thought About Me I Love Them Much. 💘
No New Niggas On This Side!!!!
Oh My Oh My This Side This Side
It's Not A Sneak Diss If I Said To Your Face Homie !
Anything Is Possible When I Saw This…
But The Show Must Go On The Night Show
I Just Want All My Niggas To Be Original & Not Ride My Coat Tails
My Pull Out Game Is Wicked, Monstrous, Sensational, Marvelous, Untouchable, Chicken Noodle Soup Yes Chicken Noodle Soup!
I Don't Want Your Appl.... Stank Ass Pussy Bitch!!!!!!!
I Was Born W/ A Mean Mug I Was Born W/ Nappy Hair I Drink Breat Milk Out A Lean Cup Uhhhhh😖😂
I'm Not From This Planet I Was Abandoned 👽

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