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Siri ☺️
😂😂😂😂😂 I Had A one Hour Conversation W/ Siri
Talk is cheap
I got swag and Siri is my bitch
Emoji Game Strong 💪😎🎮📲
Money Runs The World 🌎💫💸
Life Is About Choices But What If You Never Made Them For Yourself?
Every Day Is A Lesson 📚
learn something new everyday..
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Why Put A Title On What You Believe In What Is Religion⁉️ 🙏
My Phone Is My Life 😂😂😂😂
You Can Never Pray To Much 🙏
you can't get the best if you still wasting your time on the worst
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My goal this semester is to stay out of trouble until SJU takes me off probation. Almost a year semi-strong 😌
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Rather Be Rich Than Poor 💯
We All Fighting Our Own Demons
I'm Bleeding Red Like The Devil 👿
Rasta Mon. ✌️
Iv been in such a good mood all my life lol 😁
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Mary Jane Got Me Moving Slowwwwww🐢
iGet Fly All Week Like 7Days On A PLANE :)