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Call me SIX ✨
you never realize how much you have sacrificed until the person you sacrificed it for shows that they could care less...
The moment when you realize his video games are more important than your feelings. I need a boyfriend that I can actually talk to
Today was a good day
The Puerto Rican princess got gangsta on the reunion.. I can't wait to see that shit. #LHHATL
As long as Joe doesnt stumble or do horrible they will give him the automatic win, I heard this from a credible source...TAKE ALL BETS BACK
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#kshine reminds me of a little chihuahua... that I would like to kick.
Lol! They must not get no time to prepare on #totalslaughter 80% stumble rate.
There's nothing like the sound of the laughter of a boy and his dad.
A chick that will do anything for u but do t need u deserves it all... opportunist will always jump ship...
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Remember when this was normal? Now payphones are damn near extinct.. #evolution
A couple of extra N's #NNN #SURGICAL_INSTINCT #3N6 #Inthenameofsix
Six is woman, no six is one man with two bitches at the side of him inside a woman. -Sharia.
I get hurt when things don't go my way and the pain never seems to go away. Lucky for me I got my Nina to give the pain the #bangbang -Nyx
I keep Nyx and Nina in check so they don't corrupt Six ...I'm the libra scale , balance shit when these chick's think they can split. -Nuni
In my little black dress screamin fuck you pay me 👠💄👄 -Nina
I think I have a new love and his name is Gym. He makes feel so fucking sexy... Six