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Are you feeling ill? The doctor will see you now. #TeenWolf
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The fact of the matter is, q-tips are a girl's best friend.
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just spent $30 on makeup brushes. summer has begun.
teen wolf is back on tomorrow. my life can finally begin again
hey if any of u need a new show to watch = grandmother lovers on TLC
my chemistry teacher just said hi to me at the reservoir
although a pitbull did run up to me and lick me so today wasn't too bad
i have no idea what im going to do all summer
@elle_emm_aitch Donald Trump Can’t come up with a hairstyle that looks human,how can he come up with a plan to defeat ISIS.
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umm please explain how THIS was in my slice of cheese after I opened it!! my kids could've been hurt @kraftfoods
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Donald Trump and his son look like the type of people who go purging.
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i just took a 7 hour nap
"cops are evil" "the police system is fucked up" yet who u gonna b calling to save ur ass when someone is pointing a gun at u
*mass murders a church full of black people* white people: um not racist! he has black friends sweetie:)…
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i can't fucking handle being on tumblr anymore everyone is so fucking narrow minded and ignorant about everything holy fuck
drinking a slushie alone in your room at 12 am #justgirlythings
had the pleasure to meet the incredibly sweet and beautiful Morgan Joyce 💕💋🎶
watching farewell my love rn lol throwback to the bryan stars tour in 2012
i love front porch step
*flashbacks to twilight baseball scene*
i had the weirdest fcking dream(s)
its almost halloween
I can't afford a therapist so i bought a mood ring
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i literally punch myself in the face every time i see a new picture of chris motionless
Raven from Teen Titans reading a Teen Titans comic. A commission from this weekends #eternalcon
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pictures of chris from download fest are making me uneasy
im seeing famous last words on wednesday. my 14 year old emo dreams are finally coming true
[ordering cake over phone] "and what would you like the cake to say?" [covers phone to ask wife] "do we want a talking cake?"
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my boyfriend is getting a haircut please pray for me
my favorite tv show is treetop cat rescue

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