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☯ heidi ☯
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seeing miw in less than a month 😍😭🙌
thanks mom! glad to know you control what i do with my body and not me!
been getting complaints from some people that “it’s November so my name can’t be ‘spooky josh’” anymore (dumb), so I changed it for you.
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oversized flannels are life
im so excited for magic mike 2 u don't even know
everyday i tell myself im gonna repaint my nails and it's now been 5 days and i still haven't done it
Christmas? Did you mean "time to watch elf repeatedly every single fucking day because holy shit what a funny fucking movie"?
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thinkin about college is weird. thinkin about being an adult is weird. are u sure im not 12? im pretty sure im still 12
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live tweeting from my kindle!! (help)
had a spiritual connection with an iguana yesterday
are there even real words in rag doll by aerosmith
gab got me a falcon lover poster im cry
don't see interstellar. you will cry your eyes out and question life
Happy birthday lil sis @50Shades0fCray 💕 love you, you beautiful little
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For heidis birthday card last year I printed out the lyrics to Hey Ya by Outkast. Nothing has changed
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i woke up because i heard my mom pop a balloon downstairs. the party has begun.
gab called me at 12 and sang happy birthday to me > relationship goals
i finally told my parents im gonna be a sugar baby
i ain't got no type / girls who eat lunch in the evening's what i like
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Prayers going out to my future husband I really hope ur doing good in school. love u
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Fashion trends boys hate: - i don't fuckin care - i don't dress for boys - i dress 4 me
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Please do me a huge favor and WATCH my bands new music video & remember to RETWEET it so others can see :) #Memories
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if i was a kardashian i wouldnt have to deal with this
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jake gyllenhaal's manbun in nightcrawler is life
@pewdiepie: BRUH all over TEE is available for female brochachos now!…@youngenchilada :-))))))
person: "why do you only have like 5 friends?" me: "quality not quantity"
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my stomach hurts from all the spoopy