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Gotta love some fire😍😚😍
Ignorance is bliss... till your ass gets nuked😖
Whats the point of knowing the worlds going to end when you Can't. Do. A. Damn. Thing.
Really another game wednesday... cant ever have enough lacrosse😆
Of course the chillest regae song is called cocaine 👌
I predict ALOT of running at practice😭🔫
Game day☉😲☉
Love when my mom and grandma speak korean in the car... wtf are you saying
Life was so different 2 years ago
Sams going to New Zealand with me😆
There needs to be a good Lacrosse video game.
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Soooo fucking tired
@12thplanet just destroyed the hump day in #Boise!! If you're not here you missed a killer party!! Tomorrow we...
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If you dont know what candy is, then you sir dont rave 😆
My shark hat gets me so much candy🍬🍬🍬
I'm staying single unless I find a girl that I'm crazy about
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Met the girl of my dreams tonight but talking to 12th planet made my night🌙👍
Rave tomorrow with the bro's♪😲♪
Love seeing everyone tired to the gills while im just asking for more😆#PatsLaxx
♪Everything is awesome♪
Carbs are for women on their periods, it's all about that 💪😐👉 PROTEIN
Always good seeing old faces👍
So pumped that i cant even sleep😲
I just strung 3 lacrosse heads in 30 minutes... guess i'm just a pro👏
Last day of preseason tomorrow, Monday shit gets real!!!!!!!
It's senior year and you're not playing lacrosse...
The pineal gland is the craziest part of the human brain by a landslide
(Quote found off interent) -my name
Playing lacrosse without cleats isn't fun #barefoot
Do yourself a favor and see the Lego movie, shit gets real at the end...
Seriously need some positivity right now
Getting my passport ☺
You can still come with me when the world ends ☺
Bout to hit that Lego movie
Time to relax ☺
You're buzzing on your drank while I'm buzzing on my pre workout ☺
My Sunday consists of a gallon of extend, extreme cardio, crossfit, and lax ☺
Smh my team is lazy, at this rate meridian will beat us... naaaaa we're not that bad
I feel like our lax team should practice on this beautiful day ☀
I actually get separation anxiety when I'm away from my stick.
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The first 30 minutes of being awake sucks
It always makes me happy when my friends succeed!
I want my kids to play Lacrosse some day.
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And of course you're taken...
Best crossfit sesh of the week ☺