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A. D. Birch
HEY PALS long week at work. Look forward to goodies this weekend. <3 #dayjob #ugh
One thing I learned about meeting @AngelAlessandra today is that she doesn't need any Photoshop. #therealdeal #vssport #workit
#Fanatics, want a sneak peak at the new #Lux model? Head over to the Fanatic's Ball!
The Lady of Luminosity has blazed her way into 3DXcentric's In-Development section. #lux #leagueoflegends
How bout a #lux preview tonight? Stay tuned. #leagueoflegends
The new Fanatic's Ball image has been released. #fortune
#tombraider is #xboxone exclusive "sort of"? Wat?
As long as "executive producers" are making things "uber cool", video games are doomedā€¦
#riven shows why she's the champion of choice tonight
Nadia went running last night. A #flirt gallery addition. #freebie
"@gamespot: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition" yet another rebox re-release lol give us monies
So, is re-making games and re-selling them for the original retail price the new 'thing'? Because they need to get started on Super Metroid.
"@IGN: The Last of Us Easter Eggs Hidden in the Real World" omg yes
I'll be lining them up tonight in a new hardware stress test. You'll love this one. Look for it in a few hours. #kira #mako #nadia #vette
Bam - 3DXMail - Vol 2 Issue 3 -
3DXmail launches today! Just a few more minutes while I polish off some goodness.
Finally, FINALLY upgrading the computer today. I can finally produce art for you on something better than a guinea pig in a mouse wheel
I really like the Final Fantasy XIII series now:
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This Rose has thorns. Check out new Ariadne works in the #flirt and #paramour galleries.
I can't help feeling like @lootcrate needs a t-shirt and a figurine in every crate. #essentials