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Y-R-P in position
But the things I've seen In those hazy dreams Can't compare to what I'm seein' now Everything's so different That it brings me to my knees
If you missed any of the previous session's awards - you can find them here:
I love how Elizabeth is the "Hello, World!" of SFM.
#skype is broken? Great. Can you take this unscheduled downtime to actually fix it?
The interrogation will probably go on all week. Lucky you!
New Quiet award preview on . Too hot for social media.
Update! Serah Farron returns to 3DX this weekend.
Weekend: #quiet gets frisky, begin work on #katarina model, some draft stuff, some commission work.
Naughty Dog appears to have accidentally confirmed The Last of Us 2 in its own livestream:
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It's time to give away a print (Two, actually)!…
I hoped you liked Quiet, by the way. She was a labor of love.
Sorry my updates have been so short and sweet. Ahri anim ~ 20%, Riven anim v2 ~ 50%, Quiet is done now. I may animate her too. #busy
Hello friends. Quiet is in beta, preview on Patreon. Ahri anim is still in the early stages. Lux SFW image will be released this weekend.
Alternate anims released in Session 2 awards now on Gumroad.
Looking for original animation with characters and models you can't find anywhere else? please support the cause.
#quiet is coming. Make sure you're behind something, Snake.
Gumroad updated with all Session 2 Patreon Awards (no animations though, at least not yet.)
More animation this month? You better believe it.
Plans for next month: More animation (both Patreon supported and free), SFW versions of every image I create (free) and new models, ofc!
Session 2 Awards - Delivering September 7…
Session 2 closes this weekend :) don't miss the goodies.
A $5 pledge will get you into a raffle for a 8x10 print of Riven: The Lane 2. 6 days remain in Session 2! I'll reach out to the winner.
A kind Patron asked for a little more Elsa for this month's awards. Your wish is my command... #donthesitatetoask
New Unlock Announced: Battle Bunny Riven #2k
8 images and two animations in this Session's release... at least! Don't miss it :) Session closes this weekend. #patreon #awards #thankyou
Last week to pledge for Session 2 awards! This week: More Ahri, and possibly a debut of a certain sister... #serah #patreon
The Arcade is open! I just lost my mind #league #thatart #wow #arcaderiven on 3dx?
This weekend I try my hardest to produce a new animation. Your pledges have made this possible. Thank you.
Sweetbox - 1000 Words (Orchestra Version) via @YouTube #crying #yuna
Finishing up upgraded Elizabeth and Lightning models. Serah is also in Alpha stages. #MOAR
If you missed anything from Session 1, or want something specific, you can pick them up at
This week we should see some Elizabeth if I can get her done, as well as a bunch of archived goodies.
Right now I'm working really hard on learning hair and skin techniques to really give my works more of a digital art feel. #dayjobtho #sigh
Ahri is coming along nicely. Her tails have 1.4 million polygons! My poor computer is like ... when I hit the go button #needsmoretitan
Session 1 awards now available for those that missed them at

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