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A. D. Birch
Hi friends. Two more (boring day job) work days, then it's time for more content. #hype
Fanatic's Ball updated. No big deal.
After the ball, think about what you'd like next? Fancy a particular model you don't think has gotten enough love? Let me know!
Ariadne - Interactive, part 5 now live. There will be moar, culminating with the new Ball image. #fanaticsball
More Ariadne tomorrow when voting closes. Gotta work this weekend (ugh) so hopefully there will be more. #love
Ariadne: Interactive Part II is live. Get your votes in this week, poll closes Friday.
If you missed it last night, Ariadne's in the Ball again. Don't miss it.
Several new additions to the faces gallery this week. Checkum out!
a Victoria's Secret angel accidentally smacked me in the face with her wings and it was awesome #goals #bangbangintomyface
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Ariadne? Yes. Check back in about an hour...
Ariadne's adventure continues --- tonight. #interactive
Hey pals :) new faces in the special gallery of 3dx. #adriene #alexis
The new 3DX series, "Faces" has started. Check it out, and over the coming days to see new additions! #detail
There are now a total of three alternate angles to "the Moment" on 3DX. Three in Ariadne's fanatics page, and another in the Fanatic's Ball.
Hi friends. 3DXMail *probably* tomorrow if I can pull it all together. I hope you enjoyed this week's shenanigans, thanks for the votes!
Hey hey :) Another Ariadne has been added, this time to the Fanatic's Ball gallery. Enjoy!! Happy Black Friday!
I decided to reflect on FarCry4. Spoilers, spoilers everywhere.
The 2014 Calendar set has been returned to the Sets & Collections page.
Ariadne's interactive adventure, "The Moment" now has a voting booth. What will happen next? You decide...
11/25 - Moment Alt 1. 11/26 Moment Alt 2. 11/27 Moment Alt 3. Where does the story go? Let me hear your opinion!
Ariadne waits for the moment to escape. #fanatics
Some alternates to 'Danger' will be available @ later this evening. #adriene
Lux "Seen the Light" alt. angle
Commissions are very limited. I love all of the requests but time is hard to find. Requests for new stuff from current models is great tho!
Got a request for moar #Nadia and #Kira. Your wish is granted. Want to make a request? Don't be shy!
Hope you enjoyed #Lux 's debut in the Ball. Look for a couple of alternate angles to appear over the weekend.
So, my computer, when rendering, is tripping breakers in my house. True story.
Lux finds the Light at the Fanatic's Ball!
Hey :) Today's the day for a new FB update. Also good news, taking next week off from day job --- should lead to many new goodies. #requests
Fanatic's Ball released 11/18. Also happens to be my birthday ;) Cheers! #lux #sheseesthelight11/18
Don't panic #fanatics :) the update is coming today or tomorrow. Real life shenanigans slapped me around this weekend. #letsgodancing
Two styles of the same image released, one artsy, the other more revealing. #serana #others
Hey friends. Darkness and Light this week.
Pretty sure the sexiest piece of art I have ever made is on its way to your loving eyes very soon. Taking a lot of special care with this 1
Cleaning up deviantart galleries today.
A new image has been added to the Fanatic's Ball gallery.
If you love #Serana, please let me know. Message me, tweet me, facebook me, g+ me, telegram me. Her gallery can't be made unless you love!
And here... we ... go
Halloween madness launching in 3... 2...
#Halloween #Serana #3dxmail today! It's going to be a great one. Stay tuned for updates as the day goes on.