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Session 2 closes this weekend :) don't miss the goodies.
A $5 pledge will get you into a raffle for a 8x10 print of Riven: The Lane 2. 6 days remain in Session 2! I'll reach out to the winner.
A kind Patron asked for a little more Elsa for this month's awards. Your wish is my command... #donthesitatetoask
New Unlock Announced: Battle Bunny Riven #2k
8 images and two animations in this Session's release... at least! Don't miss it :) Session closes this weekend. #patreon #awards #thankyou
Last week to pledge for Session 2 awards! This week: More Ahri, and possibly a debut of a certain sister... #serah #patreon
The Arcade is open! I just lost my mind #league #thatart #wow #arcaderiven on 3dx?
This weekend I try my hardest to produce a new animation. Your pledges have made this possible. Thank you.
Sweetbox - 1000 Words (Orchestra Version) via @YouTube #crying #yuna
Finishing up upgraded Elizabeth and Lightning models. Serah is also in Alpha stages. #MOAR
If you missed anything from Session 1, or want something specific, you can pick them up at
This week we should see some Elizabeth if I can get her done, as well as a bunch of archived goodies.
Right now I'm working really hard on learning hair and skin techniques to really give my works more of a digital art feel. #dayjobtho #sigh
Ahri is coming along nicely. Her tails have 1.4 million polygons! My poor computer is like ... when I hit the go button #needsmoretitan
Session 1 awards now available for those that missed them at
Ready for moar Ahri? Ready do deal with the struggles of my learning to use a tablet? Tomorrow you get both!
Ahri tease added to front page #ahri #leagueoflegends #patreon THANK YOU PATRONS!
I have so many fun ideas in store for you guys. This is going to be a great year! #pleasepledge
Ahh, shoot. Tomorrow for Sammy. Technical difficulties :(
New Samus tonight. Available to everyine that pledges $1+
I do believe it's time for another Patron voting session. Patrons: Let me know what you want! to find the link.
Gosh, was the old King's Quest this .. kidsy? Oh wait, I was 9. #KingsQuest
In the past 4 days, pledges have nearly doubled. I love you. #hype train is rolling out of the station
Also, Ahri is coming. Thank your fellow pledges.
Tonight: Riven Lane 2 (now with clothing!) Weekend: Lux close-up portrait and a whole lot of unlock work.
Welp! A tremendous Patron just unlocked several new milestones all by him or herself. I am humbled and honored. Thank you.
Riven - The Lane 2 - Session 2 Award
Luxury Commission Tiers now available on COMMISSION PEOPLE: This is for YOU. You want it? You got it. Let's do this.
Sooooo I made an animation. It's on tumblr. It features Lux, and it's hyper NSFW. #pledge #lux #rule34 #nsfw
Looks like Session 1's launch was successful. I hope you enjoyed them. Session 2 will start with a bang. Literally ...
I sent out the first wave of links. 3 people remain uncharged yet. When you are, I will send to you.
The Session awards OFFICIALLY go out today! Prepare yourselves.
What's going on at 3DXcentric HQ right now? #hint

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