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Threefold Cord
Strive to make the present moment beautiful. Let us regret the time that was wasted not loving God and our neighbors.
“Those who devote themselves to the purpose of proving that there is no purpose constitute an interesting subject for study” - Whitehead
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The indwelling of Christ within us is a beacon of Light that allows us to see God in all things and all things in God.
The nature of Faith is that the greater obstacles it encounters, the more passionate it becomes.
In our pride we lift ourselves up to the status of God and REFUSE to see our desperate need for Him.
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“The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true.” John 7:18
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To diminish one's self is an act of divine union with the Lord.
Lord, have mercy and help us to value what You value!
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@3_foldcord Thank you! Please join with us& pray for leaders-see Please tell others!
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If we do not uproot the weeds of preconceived notions, they will eventually choke out the joy and humility of the soul.
3-Fold Cord: Speaking to, but not becoming- I am not My Mountain
3-Fold Cord: We cannot become that which we want moved: I am not My Mountain
When we received Jesus Christ, He banished the devil in our hearts in order to build a Temple for Himself.
3-Fold Cord: I am not My Mountain
Speaking to the mountain of infertility “I am a mother to a child(ren) I have not met yet. ”
“I can’t speak to the mountains in my life and then claim them as truth.”
3-Fold Cord: The "weariness that comes with waiting." I am not My Mountain
I am not My Mountain: Recently in the online infertility support group I’m a part of, there was a thread askin...
#Now Playing Byron Brown - He That Believeth (featuring Zina Thomas Johnson) on WIAG, click link to listen
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Delight in God has a transforming power and lifts a man above the gross desire of our [formerly] fallen nature. Amen 💕
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Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, God is already there.
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Thank you Lord for the Light of Your Word that keeps me on the straightforward pathway.
Give diligence to studying God's Word- and you will find that the hurtful words of others hold little sway over you.
3-Fold Cord: Confessions of a Christian Cracker
@3_foldcord Get your personalized autographed copy of #KingRules, available only at - AK
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3-Fold Cord: The Dark Side of the Reformation.
“The Dark Side of the Reformation.”
"The passion of Christianity comes from signing away my own rights and becoming a bondservant of Jesus Christ."
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3-Fold Cord: False Dilemmas- Is there enough for everyone?
3-Fold Cord: Lack of Spiritual Discipline-->A road to Easy-believism
3-Fold Cord: Spare Me Your Reasons- Does everything really happen for a reason?
"The LORD is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear Him"(Ps 145:18-19).
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3-Fold Cord: Sometimes we have to face the facts: My Own Internal Riots
Humble and wise are those who say: "My mind is firmly settled and grounded in Christ Jesus."
3-Fold Cord: Is there a time to give up on others? Toxic Lies
Be mindful of the little things, for they have enormous power to take our attention off of the Lord.
3-Fold Cord: Politicians & Stalkers- The might be more closely related than you think.
Yes, God is so good to me even despite my short comings- Wasted Time, Wasted Grace
Great Read!: Mind of the Heart; Ignorance; Calloused Separation From Life; Pointless Reason
It took me many years to realize that if I do not put to death the things in me that are not of God, they will kill the things of God in me.
Jesus did not come as a social reformer...HE came to change us (as individuals) first and foremost.
Thank you Jesus for coming to Earth and laying down your life...thus making it possible for us to receive Your Heredity.
Halloween is near! Blog: I'm the Zombie Bride of Jesus
No matter where you are...He is there! What Is The Meaning of God? Follow @blueclairesky
3-Fold Cord: Mental Illness or Modern Idolatry followed to its logical end?
Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
Bind every negative thought to the Lord Jesus Christ; for from out of the clear blue suffering and worries arise.
Forgive me Lord for all those lost years: Looking but not seeing; speaking but saying nothing.

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