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Threefold Cord
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Always remember to take time to search your own conscience and meditate on the loving kindness of God.
There are truly times you must say: "Help me Lord in my time of distress, for human help is worthless!"
If you seek nothing but the Will of God and the good of your neighbor, you will enjoy true freedom indeed!
Download the free book- "LifeLight: Taking the Church Outside the Walls":…
I just bought: 'LifeLight: Taking the Church Outside the... Reply w/ #AmazonCart for a free sample via @AmazonKindle…
It's good to know that you can turn on your TV anytime of the day and find a documentary about Hitler. #insertsarcasm
Always remember that your Faith is the major tool that connects you to God's ability.
It has been said that we can never truly think that we have made any spiritual progress until we consider...
Medieval "Yoda" in the Smithfield Decretals, c 1300-c 1340
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Very strange discussion- Thank you Christian Blogger Network!
We enter into this world empty handed and we leave the same way. So choose to invest in what matters most. People!
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Yes, according to this author, the church is going to hell and so are you -
If the church cannot or will not be the herald of irrational hope, it is time to pack it in and go home
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This little gem came across the Christian Blogger feed yesterday and stimulated quite the discussion, mostly of... Door to Door Jesus. Is this an effective means of witnessing?
Our FB page has become a bit stagnant and moldy. Stop by and say hi or suggest a topic.
The way you listen and respond is your theology. #practical & #evidential
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Good evening. I pray you're having a lovely night. In Christ, Leshil #Rest
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We all need acceptance! Through the challenges I faced, I learned about self-acceptance and God’s grace; the result, a stronger faith!
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@3_foldcord It's always good to make new friends I'm Blessed :) Yahweh Bless you always in all you do for Him :)
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Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit that convicts, draws me closer to Jesus, and gives me the mind of God. Blessings to everyone.
I realize that being unfollowed on Twitter is not martyrdom, but darn it- it still hurts. Maybe I just need to eat something?
It's getting chilly in South Dakota when our cat huddles next to the computer for a little extra warmth.
@3_foldcord I'm number 1 on the ReverbNation Christian/Gospel charts for Columbia, SC.
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Playing an event in Sioux Falls, SD at 9:00 PM today at The District
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With intelligent discourse- sometimes Wit happens.
One of the biggest challenges in the Christian life is learning to see ourselves through the eyes of Christ instead of the eyes of others.
Douglas Mogendi - Please pray for this person. They were going to Malawi to minister but their funds were stolen and now they are stuck!
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Went to Devils Tower today. It was amazingly beautiful. Don't think the devil had anything to do with it...
“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20
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I hate division It's the exact opposite of reconciliation
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"Sin was strong, but Jesus is stronger. Our shame was great, but Jesus you're greater"
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A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love. ~Stendhal
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Labor Day at Monk's House of Ale Repute. We were very monk-like.... or the ale was.
Jesus is alive! He is still healing the broken hearted and setting the captive free through those that are filled with His Spirit.
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Ever heard of quokkas? They're the happiest animal on the planet. :)
Thank you so much for prayers. They have been answered and we have been restored. Thank you Jesus for your sweet healing and redemption.
I'm ready to die a little. God has delivered Mark&Carla out of darkness into His love. Clinging to Christ with one hand, my husband w/ the other The Father has delivered and drawn Mark and Carla out of the darkness and into the kingdom of His love.
Rising with the sun... filled with love and expectation. Jesus bring us strength as we await your sanctification.
I'm an over thinker, I'm trying to rest in God's plan, in His sovereignty. I know His truth, but my mind just won't stop sometimes.
I'm ready for Autumn, ready for things to die. From death comes rebirth &I'm dying right now. Ready for a new birth