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Threefold Cord
I am so thankful for the Lord's eternal and infinite greatness! HE is the solace of my soul and the joy of my heart.
When my mind is firmly grounded in Jesus, I do not fear the judgement of others, nor do their words trouble me.
If you attend wholly to the Lord Jesus Christ, the negative things others do to you will have little affect on you.
In regards to my life: "Lord, if it pleases you, let it be so.
I have truly had my interest in competitive chess reignited thanks to the great action and commentary @ the #SinquefieldCup
This hotel's internet connection is about as reliable as a meth-addict with the rent money.
There are many lovers of Jesus's heavenly kingdom, but few are willing to bear His Cross.
If we rest too much in this life, how can we expect to enter His eternal rest?
Lord without you I cannot subsist; without your divine visitation I cannot live!
You will always rejoice in the evening if you have spent the day with God.
This life can be a pleasant ride when we are carried by the Grace of God.
I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you. John 15:15b #Jesus #Tworship
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The orchard of madness is ripe with the fruit of discontent and bitterness towards God. Those who harden their...
It really should not be too hard to despise human comfort when we have the Divine Comforter.
Amen! The theme of our Blog.
We must remember: what Christ did for us on the cross, the Spirit must accomplish in us as a personal experience.
Admiration is the appreciation of the excellency of the Lord. That being said, we admire every single one of you!
Planned Parenthood supporters: babies killed in the name of women's health could have been the next Caitlyn Jenner. Transphobics!
I'm always interested in the motivation of middle aged people who constantly update their Facebook page with selfies?
Hulk Hogan should just say that his offensive racial tirade is liken to professional wrestling: just acting and Fake.
Christians who do not monitor their Twitter not love the smell of napalm in the morning. #cordopinions
Many Christians do not monitor their Twitter accounts...these same Christians are also unable to trim a Bonsai tree. #TCobservations
There were 20 accounts, solely dedicated to the sale of Ray-Ban Sunglasses, that followed me today. Serious overkill.
"If you are to sit with Christ upon His throne, you must go with Him through His Gethsemane" -Tozer
Thinking about starting a shelter for orphaned Twitter accounts.
I do this quite often. Thank you for the reminder of the little blessings and what's truly important!…
Have you heard? If not you should give it a listen;-> also follow @joshuahyslop
God has a plan...He has your atlas in His hands.
Mystery 'Angel' Priest Performs Miracle At Missouri Car Crash And Disapp... via @YouTube
Always remember about all the haters- "Critics: They smell life and they cannot stand it."

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