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Mark and Carla
I'm an over thinker, I'm trying to rest in God's plan, in His sovereignty. I know His truth, but my mind just won't stop sometimes.
I'm ready for Autumn, ready for things to die. From death comes rebirth &I'm dying right now. Ready for a new birth
.@3_foldcord Your tweet really grabbed me! Thanks for your honesty. You are going to spread hope. #LifeHurts and #GodISGood #Jesus
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“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” ― C.S. Lewis
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I know rebirth and renewal are right around the corner because it feels like I'm dying right now.
So I blogged. I might regret this. But here goes. A Time to Die
A Time to Die: Bear with me. I'm going to attempt not to jump from topic to topic. I'm going to attempt to be ...
I've laid my aching heart before the Lord& He is healing us &making us whole.But until we are reunited there will be a hole where you belong
We are delivered from the darkness. We are redeemed. We are restored, my love, we are washed cleaned and purified.
Minutes are long while we are apart.My heart is entwined w/ yours, our flesh is one,it pains me to be separated. Trusting in our restoration
The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin and guilt..Christ is our advocate, the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Thank You Jesus.
I'm never letting go... clinging to the Lord, and holding fast to my marriage and husband. Love always and forever. Till death do us part.
Lord be me and Mark today. Though we are apart strengthen us with your love and our love. Bring us peace, strength, and wisdom.
In this union &communion w/ Him love is brought 2completion &attains perfection w/ US that we may have confidence...for as He is so are we
God disarmed the principalities &powers that were ranged against us &made a bold display &example of them in triumphing over them...Col 2:15
I long for the night that I fall asleep in your arms again. Until then late night Bible reading and benadryl will have to do....
JESUS said, ' I HAVE LOVED YOU WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE!" If your heart is heavy and you feel low.. you have someplace to go. REACH OUT!
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“God will repay.” Stop expecting sins to be repaid. They are forgiven. Expect lost years to be repaid & restored. Joel 2:25
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Let every tumor or evil growth melt at the presence of God -Ps. 97:5 #Prayer
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So thankful that Christ purifies &redeems us.He gives us supernatural powers of forgiveness &love. I love & forgive you, Mark. Every second
Touch Mark and open up his heart to your forgiveness and mine o God. Heal us, build trust, & restore our divinely appointed marriage.
@3_foldcord do not despair..... The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit psalm 34:17-20
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Dear Lord thank you for your unending love. Cover Mark with your love & my love. Heal him with love and make him whole. Thank you Jesus.
I asked Christ to fill me to overflowing with His love & love for my husband, looks like it flowed out of my eyeballs.
I know. I KNOW we are being redeemed. I know we're being healed. I know we're being restored. But, Lord, why does it have to hurt so much?
I can't believe this is my life....sobbing in a HyVee parking lot...
Getting ready for church. Honestly it's been a long time, and I really hate going alone. But I think it's what I need...
Going to bed thankful for the love and prayers of all you wonderful people!
I miss my best friend. I'm not made to spend to spend time apart from you, Mark. I know you need space but I need you.