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Tyrone D
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Make the right choices and u will get the right results
Get a job they laugh at you kill some they salute!!!!!
Be loyal to your self first
I phone 6plus or Android mmmm
Im going home and then I'm eating and then it's times for some 😴😴😴😴😴
Positive is the way to go
Thank God for another day not promised
One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich
Your best teacher is your last mistake
If you call me and it's not about money I get mad
Walked into a sprint store it was full of people buying phones went to t mobile it was empty mmmm
How bad is sprint really it cant be as bad as it already has been its getting better
Sometimes to win a war you gotta lose a battle
Understand first and then speak
I know u been doing a lot of traveling how has sprint been doing ???
Police are not here to protect us there just here to enforce the law
Counting cash is the only time im touching dudes
If u infron of ur phone at night wondering why u cant sleep the light of the phone is telling ur brain its day time
We are all one paycheck away form begin homeless think about that
Apple is set to sale 60 million i iPhone by the holiday season
Just seen the i phone 6 plus screen it looks amazing in my opinion
Almost sprint almost just a few more upgrades and it should be done
I phone bigger screen apple does 14 million on launch weekend us only its not even out for the rest of the world crazy numbers
Success isn't easy!!!!
Sprint sold the most of i phones on launch day supposedly
Take it one day at a time
Stay tuned iphone 6 giveaway info coming later today. Unlocked version retweets here will get an extra name in that hat we pull from.
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Everybody mocking apple but no ones product is selling they might wanna stop
Sum things you cant say out loud
Dont trust just anybody
All these new phone releases ughh i need one
The sprint network just cant handle the capacity #whereisspark
But sprint let the network get so bad that it will take ages to to get density of sites across the nation to maintain thats why buying
N sprint has the most spectrum out of any carrier if they just execute a plan n get it done they will be number 1
Sprints network cant support any of the growth that they will get from these cheap plans
T mobile will be dont with wideband LTE by the end of the year woah thats a crazy fast network
Team i phone or team Samsung who yal got
This fight will be good
Cheaper plan ya great but once people get the experience of the network and how slow it is they will leave
Wow sprint is even shutting down spark in some markets to keep it at the 5 minimum this is going to be a big fail
After this announcement sprint will defenitly fall to 4th spot in the wireless industry
No more spark for sprint woah that will hurt them really bad
I knew there was a catch to these low prices now they dont have enough funding to deploy the network
Another promise not kept thats normal for sprint
Sprint is stopping its upgrades on spark only limiting it to 3 to 5 cities woah so much for newest network
T mobile added 2.7 milllion subscribers in the month of august woah ya sorry sprint u guys are going to lose the 3rd spot
Have ur own tower in ur home wow t mobile really step up with that one
See t mobile doesnt really care bout sprint anymore there looking to take at&t spot already
T mobile had there best month in company history