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:D — watching Tusk
What a morning... Is is 5 yet?
how you gonna call me in the middle of the day to try to sell me boner pills and not even let me finish my...
Josh Wink at Jet Lounge 11.06
dear Something Wicked need JAUZ kthxbai
I found and rebooted a server today... Mission accomplished, I can go home now right?
Former Apple CEO John Sculley launches a line of stylish smartphones
it has been a long time since I played out during the week, but I will be dropping some early tunage at Jet...
Any good web designers with established portfolios looking for work? i got a co-worker asking for a referral
that some soupppp :D
I guess first day of school working for a EDU is stress test day .. lol
I forgot Ana convinced me to let her paint my toe nails on one foot last night untill I wore sandals to dinner...
fuck that was fun :D
Weston Brklw Chauvin straight up destroying Jet — feeling pumped at Jet Lounge
just got a fat edit pack from my fav producer .... WOOO :D
Vibes not Bribes day is upon us, Getting tracks rdy for tonight, banging out a few last promos See all you sexy...
Let's party #stopone
Lots of shit going down tonight!! Jesse Saunders at Jet Lounge for the heads and Electric Empire Fridays at...
i see you LinkedIn creepers
I don't think you can claim "sold out" of something no one had to buy ...
my co-workers are shouting/discussing over their cubes which prison caitlyn jenner is gonna goto. -_-...
SOooooOoooOooOoooOooo there is this thing going on this sat come.. thru is lit
Deftones / Incubus last night was the best concert I have been to in long time. + all my friends where there #goodtimes
Drumcode radio getting me grooving and productive on this rainy ass morning — feeling techno
#tbt to the ugliest flyer ever .. LOL #first #sine #event
So i downloaded the Ashley Madison dump .... who needs to verify? lol #youdunfuckedup
A vendor today told me today that it would require professional services $$ to support us doing preventative...
fastest way to find out if a server is in use: shut it down
Don't forget breakfast is the most important meal of the day 👌�PI
Retweeted by 2t0ne
It's 2015 if you are posting about loosing your contacts I feel bad for you son.... #not
How Google’s Networking Infrastructure Has Evolved Over The Last 10 Years
i have no opinion on resting bitch face
Get your tickets to Vibes not Bribes Volume 2 | Jet Lounge | 8.22.15 this Sat @
how do none of your guests know about #heavymonkey @DougBenson ? jeeze
Spotify connect on the ps3 is pretty cool
dusted off the PS3 today .. i guess ima order GTA V
Marshmallow is coming!!

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