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Well there goes my morning #shit #
I am glad I am not the only that thought bojack is definitely based on Bob Saget
thats enough today computer ... thats enough
Just paid 2.95 for gas Man it's been a long time since i paid 2 anything for gas
~Vibes~ got me hype as fuck bout to go into this 9 am staff meeting #Grindtime
Wake up world!! ~ Heyyy nowwww ~
Caption this picture #Sonic
My plus bailed on me tonight who wants to see porter tonight :) ?
Porter Robinson tonight!! Playing some tunes in the loft at 10!! Show time is 8pm-12 — at Stereo Live
much dubsteps ... such vibe
Gritsy (@ XL Houston in Houston, TX)…
My first lyft ride tonight. Uber watch out. This dude is funny
Pew pew (@ Hot Wells Shooting Range in Cypress, TX w/ @DJMatthewDunn)…
Free #ASOB tickets!! Mr. DJ Ambition and I are going to be doing a b2b set mainstage.
best one of these yet
i am really liking all the google voice/hangout integration. glad they pulled the plug.
Noodles (@ Jenni's Noodle House in Houston, TX)…
I should not use the phrase "as to not enrage management" in a team email when dictating corrective action on an...
untz untz untz — listening to IBIZA SONICA RADIO
😭 (@ stuck at a train in Houston, TX)…n
Stoked to be playing mainstage for dis one :)
insert <vague statement about booking I am not going to tell you about> ... Yet
TONIGHT!!! from 6-7PM Sine Language We will be featuring DJ Weezar's all vinyl house live recording from QT last...
Holy storms Batman #rain
This traffic doesn't have shit on this mix from sat at stereo B2B with the homie JD3 #housemusic
waiting for the the storage controller prompt during post on this server... - this is boring - Ohh let me check...
So i Finished True Blood last night... kinda sad its over
Rainbow Sandals > any other kind of sandals
I am excited about porter Robinson next week :D
lots of tagging and just goin ham on the decks all night... that shit was fun
The word of the night is... Techno — at Stereo Live
JD3 vs 2t0ne till 11 !!!!! (@ Stereo Live for Myon & Shane 54 in Houston, TX)…
Bitch you ain't got shit on me
I haven't played a B2B set with my buddy John since #ALittleHelp2013 JD3 vs 2t0ne Techno/House set 9pm - 11...
dear iphone users, i am sry apple snuck a new U2 album in your library... please shut the fuck up though
glad M$ stopped trying to kill the desktop thats like your core userbase yo
selfish people are selfish.. dont forget it