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Chelsea Storey
Unreal how much hate I have for one person..
Can't wait to finish at 1, then no more college for the rest of week 😃
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Would do anything to be back in school
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Stop getting involved in things don't concern you, two faced fuck
I don't know who you are anymore but I miss the old you..
I cant get passed 157 on flappy bird! I die on 157 every time! Stupid flappy bird!
I've just split up with your mate and your saying how your going to make me yours! Its been 2 days!! lads lah get back hahaha #snakes #boys
Considering after break ups I'm an absolute wreck but strangely enough I'm so happy:/ #breakup #weird #happy
A relationship is only for two, but some bitches don't know how to count.
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It's hard to forget about you because every time I look in the mirror I see you.
Is it just me or when someone calls you gorgeous or something it makes your day? Ha aww! #cutie
Haven't seen you in months!, not one phone call off you. I have to make the effort not one text! If you want to be in my life then make time
Wonder how many babies will be made tonight then:')
Think Valentine's day is stupid! But I think its my first valentines with someone!:D
Morninnng :) Hope everyone has a lovely Friday Eve #BusyDayAhead x
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Nobody should ever feel the need to go through suicide through anyone or anything, feel sorry they have nobody to talk to!!<3
Finally got my new phone! If you need it message me for it...
Tummy cramps are the worst, on the plus side I'm in a really good mood and think I will go visit some of the family:-)!
If you think it's neccessary to judge me by my past, Don't be surprised when I put you there
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