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Chelsea Storey
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New phone ordered!🙋🏼
Think I will treat myself to a new phone tomorrow👐🏻
Been bouncing on my ball for an hour and a half still in pain😫
Another sleepless night!😡
You are out all weekend, every weekend and you don't even see your bairn during the week! And the best mum award goes to..... You😡
Don't get why people aren't up upfront and honest about things instead of wasting people's time 😴
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my social life is non-existent anyway
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You are a evil sly bitch! How can you treat your son like that!!!!
Nope my family have a great time away whilst I'm sat at home😫 wish I could've went😔😔😔😔
I do proper miss going out all the time...
Been away from home for a week and my mams managed to kill both of my fishes... Hmm
2 weeks and I find out whether I need an c section so nervous!😁
No matter who you think is in the right or wrong, Break ups are hard for both! Love2 @Jakehall01 @ChloeLewis01 @JamesLock__ @Daniarmstrong88
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Can't wait until Connor comes in from work lots of cuddles!💞
Get me on holiday😫
Food is the key to my heart🍔🍕🍟🍰🍫
All the celebrities on my snapchat are just having the time of their lives! #jealous
Can't wait to be in the comfort of my own home, babysitting this long has took it out of me!😂
Don't even feel prepared for this baby even though I am😂
Winter is my all time favourite season❄️
Can tell I'm very hormonal as I've just got upset over my fishing dying wow😭😂
Girls should stick together💪🏼
I hope the baby is a mammys boy👶🏼
Had no sleep absolutely knackered!
Doctors are useless! Worrying about my baby and they don't even check just saying he will be fine😡
I have the worst heart burn ever! Can't get rid of it tonight 😫
Grinds on me the simple fact you have to pay board when your never in yours you are always at mine:/ your getting took for a mug!
Sick of everyone in this household eating what's mine!!!!
Ur a ugly person if u lead someone on and then leave them hanging and feel 0 guilt
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How can anybody have an affair! If you don't love your other half then save the heart break and let them find someone who will love them😡
Very happy at the minute☺️
Online baby shopping🙌🏼
Wish you could sell family members! My brother has my head done right in!😡
The longest ride has had me in tears!😫
Sick of 30/40 odd year olds inbox me because their sneaky boyfriends have inboxed me not like I've replied as I have a boyfriend😑 idiotttts
Some of these #dontjudgechallenge are fucking horrendous!
*wants to travel the world but has $1.76*
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Nice hot bubble bath to try an ease my aching bones💀
Think my boyfriend should buy me the iPhone 6😏
What a day I've had I flooded my house, stood on glass and pulled a muscle in my stomach!😂 get me to bed haha
Can't wait to shift this weight after I've give birth! #skinnyagain
Can't wait for the winter❄️
Looking for holidays for next year has got me a tad too excited😫
It's even boiling sleeping out the blanket😫
Love when the weathers like this🌑☔️⚡️
I've got the best friends ever! They've proper supported me and even support me now that I'm becoming a mammy!🙊💞
Not scared of thunder at all but last night I've never shit myself so much in my life! Heavy sleeper and it woke me!😱

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