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Johnny Ngo
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@28JNgo The Anser still are connected:) we all support each other in personal endeavors. And we actually are/will continue to collaborate!
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Y'all thought you had friends like mine . jinwoo_kr
Ayeeee got my acceptance letter to military schooooolll.
Fucked to the max
Its a movieee
My main bitch and my side bitch mad at me, I could give twoo fuckkks.
Not the first fake ass nigga I cut off, not the last.
Woke up early as fuckk
Bouta fadee outsidee
What the fuckkkk hahah lllol
Just a thought, this isn't directed at anybody in particular but I was thinking... We should be more compassionate and hmmmm... empathetic.
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Blast music. Fuck a neighbor.
I'll be your bad boy in just a minute <3
Who I gotta look good for 😒 love my followers �
Walmart security too sweet , told the nigga fuck off and left lls.
Lets get medicated <3
They say I should let the girl of my dreams come to me, but I'm the one to chase my dreams <3.
Can't sleep :I
Fuck a fake friend
Who tryna cool it tomorrow or mondayy. hit my fonee.
What's the moves?
Feeling anxiety?
Anyone wanna text ? VA only or people I've texted before. hmu. 571 331 5118
@28JNgo I peeped it was your birthday, happy birthday (: hope you had a good day.
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Hot as fuck like daam :(
One more time <3
@28JNgo me and Amy forgot to say this on the phone.... Happy Birffffday Johnny 😌
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S/O to the birthday boy go follow my brova @28JNgo
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Dam. Whip taking long as shit -.-
I'm so ready for kigsdomiion whoop woop. I'm getting sugar daddied by the person I usually sugar daddy haha <3
Omg what a cutie <3
@28JNgo sorry to be such a stalker but wanted to say..... You cute :P
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Fuck you, est and alpha gang for life.
Suck my dragon balls bitch , call me goku!! Lol jk #shower #hair :c
Suck my dragon balls bitch ! Call me goku!! Lol jk . #Shower #hair :c #asian
Dam -.-. Just tripped over my camera and dodged the trash can mid air. ;-;.
Bus and car ran over both my s9's.. I got my arbor doe <3 #longboard #skate #thestruggle