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Fr Matthew Schneider
Money beyond bare necessities “is nothing more than a means to an end. Yet so often we confuse means with ends” Harvard Psychologist
A nativity scene that focuses on St Joseph. With this, I've posted photos of all our nativity scenes. #nativitysc...
Great work @amazon! I can see the whole box was needed for this watchband.
St. Isidore: “To despair is to descend into hell.” Live not just free from despair but pointed to heaven.
Another beautiful nativity scene. This one's in our dining room. #nativityscene #christmas #jesus #holyfamily #m...
A simple olive wood nativity teaches us the simplicity of Bethlehem. #Bethlehem #nativityscene #christmas #cathol...
Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
My 30-second homily today: John's Birth (& a few announcements) - Dec 19 2014 via @Homilies30
Jesus is the light of the world. This Holy Family lamp demonstrates that. Today I'll be posting all the nativity ...
#2014In5Words @Pontifex challenges the whole world. (Catholics & non-Catholics.)
If we know how much Jesus loves us we might be down or even depressed but we'll never be truly sad.
We Catholics should take all good from every Theologian (and from every Believer for that matter). @joannesromanus
Why and how should we do everything? Listen to St Therese of Lisieux:
T or F? "Christians in the future will have to be mystics, if they are to be Christian at all." -Karl Rahner
Planned Parenthood canvasser: "Happy holidays!" Me: "Yeah, I guess 'Happy Feast of the Nativity' would be awkward for you guys, huh?"
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Our faith should penetrate our vision not just cut off & protest against certain films. We shouldn't be like Kim Jong Un re: The Interview.
“Teenager” is a 20th-century invention. 12-year-old factory workers doing 70 hours a week ended but what other problems has it caused?
My 30-second homily today: Why Doesn't God Appear to Me on a Cloud to Tell Me What to Do? - Dec 18 2014 via @hom...
My 30-second homily today: My Grandfather Was Not a Model Father or Grandfather - Dec 16 2014 via @Homilies30
@FrMatthewLC A priest expressed marriage even better saying marriage succeeds when each partner's goal dedicates life to Soul betterment
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If we destroy the human dignity of 1 person, we sent it for everyone, even ourselves. @chrstcap
God’s relationship with each of us is as unique as the relationships we have with our families and friends. -Sticky Faith
The Lord put it clearly: you cannot serve two masters. You have to choose between God and money.
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In marriage, “We are not meant to be enslaved by each other; we are meant to love each other freely.” Cloud & Townsend
If you've ever thought about a vocation as a priest, come visit the Legionary Seminary over New Years for a retreat.
"The Cross and Resurrection do not abolish sorrow from Christian experience." Aaron Kheriaty (psychologist) & Fr. John Cihak
Thanks to all who gave stuff to my community via Amazon in the past week. Today I received pants, socks, a backpack, shoes, a cabinet, etc.
If you want to send a gift to my community this Christmas, please do so in the next 3 hours.…
Our God is hidden (Isaiah 45) so we need to seek him out.
Jesus Christ is the one way that encompasses each person's individual path.
"On the Cross and in his agony, our Lord suffered not just our physical afflictions, but our mental anguish as well." Kheriaty & Cihak
In a way, all priests are brothers... @FrGilesAtherton.
Just after Christmas, there's a great retreat for high school guys in CT. I invite you (or your sons).
Even Santa knows the true meaning of Christmas... From our Christmas tree. #santa #christmas #christmastree #baby...
If you haven't already, please remember to #PrayForPeshawar. Education not violence is the solution to problems.
In case there was doubt: US Bishops' Official: Torture an Intrinsic Evil, Can Never Be Justified…
My 30-second homily today: Is Jesus the Messiah? How Does He Answer John's Disciples? - Dec 17 2014 via @Homilies30
The importance of checking your sources: I saw a photo that I thought was current so I tweeted this: #humbled…
We shouldn't over-focus on the methods of prayer; if prayer leads to virtue & humility, it's fine.
It is so important to listen! Husbands and wives need to communicate to bring happiness and serenity to family life.
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Today is 12-13-14. Pretty amazing!
“Happiness does not require a constant experience of ecstacy, nor an unbroken chain of positive emotions” Harvard Psychologis
A 3 minute summary video of the ordination of 35 Legionary priests in Rome last weekend has been uploaded.…
Jesus comes to us as a small babe. This nativity scene takes this to the extreme: the whole thing is the size of ...
We don't need to wonder, #GodIfYouAreAbove, because we know he's not only above but with us at every moment.
Instead of just wondering - #GodIfYouAreAbove - we can pray & actually speak with him.
We need each other! Jesus saves us through the Church and she is a community.
Satan HATES Christmas because it shows that he's a loser. We need to LOVE Christmas to destroy his influence.
If you want to give my community a gift for Christmas, there are only a few days left. Here's the list:…
My 30-second homily today: Fundamentalists Are the Modern Pharisees - Dec 15 2014 via @Homilies30