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Fr Matthew Schneider
During the Pope's Mass, I felt like I was in heaven. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
To Pope Francis each person seems like a long lost friend. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
A sister told me she was impressed by some Methodists she met who waited outside all day tosee Pope Francis. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
It's always great to see the @DaughterStPaul! They transmit Jesus' message on media. #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope…
Any time we have a million Catholics together for Mass... #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
This woman came to #WMF2015 a week before her wedding & learned from Pope Francis. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
Even though Pope Francis doesn't speak English he blessed us personally in English. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
It was amazing to be in the same place as Pope Francis! #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
Pope Francis thanks all who came to Mass. Each of us is valuable to the Church. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
Pope Francis reminds us of little ways we can ensure #GoodIsWinning: starting withour tone of voice. #PopeInPhilly…
Making a special mention of giving Gospels to a Syrian family points out their persecution & suffering. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
2018 World Meeting of Families is in Dublin. Anybody up for an all-Ireland pilgrimage? #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
The priests distributing Communion were attentive to avoid sacrilege; 1 girl didn't eat it so the priest stopped & called her. #PopeInPhilly
It's hard to keep solemnity in such a large mass but I think everyone has done a pretty good job. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
Here's 4 priests near me distributing Communion at the #PopeInPhilly Mass. Priesthood is a brotherhood #GoodIsWinning
"Love is shown by little things, by attention to small daily signs which makes us feel at home." @Pontifex #PopeInPhilly #WMF2015
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Francis bowed instead of genuflected after consecrating the Eucharist. Being Pope must take a toll on his health. Pray 4 him. #PopeInPhilly
The Eucharistic Prayer is Latin in the program: connecting to tradition & using a universal language. #PopeInPhilly
Francis really wants to reach out to the Vietnamese... Vietnamese has been used at 3x in the #PopeInPhilly Mass already. #GoodIsWinning
I'll leave you a question . . in my house do people yell when you speak with love, affection & kindness? #PopeInPhilly #Catholic
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The creed is again in a centuries-old Latin setting. I think Francis wants to show continuity with tradition. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
They translated "así sea" as "may it be." That's OK but it's often used in place of "Amen!" in Spanish as it was here. #PopeInPhilly
We need to have joy at every good action. I.e. We don't point out what was imperfect in everyone else's acts. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
Love is a miracle! says Francis. How often we reduce it to a feeling or a sexual desire. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
The Spirit challenges us 》 Living the Christian life is not the easiest path but the best path. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope
In the family life meets faith, & faith meets life. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
The Catholic Church has assigned readings each day & the fact @Pontifex used them speaks to his humility. #PopeInPhilly @johnizonline
When we belittle others doing good, we harm the musical body of Christ. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope
In Jesus of Nazareth, Benedict XVI pointed out the relationship between Moses & Jesus. Francis repeats this connection. #PopeInPhilly
There are tons here at the #PopeInPhilly Mass & I'm sure more wanted to but couldn't find parking or get through security. #PopeInPhilly
How often do we complain about others doing good in Jesus' name but not in our way? #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
"The precepts of the Lord give joy to the heartď" They're not imposed but joy-giving because they come from joy's source #PopeInPhilly
The traditional Kyrie & Gloria were sung the same as in the middle ages. New things often come from tradition. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning
Francis shows humility in how healways asks for prayers. #PopeInPhilly #GoodIsWinning @PopeIsHope @AleteiaEN
FYI: I'm here as a media guy not a priest. I celebrated Mass at 4:30am & will live-tweet the Pope's Mass.

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