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Fr Matthew Schneider
One of the biggest errors today is the think the world has no meaning when everything in the world is full of meaning and beauty.
Christian witness is concrete: words without actions are empty.
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Wow! This boy is an example of how to #WalkwithFrancis so we help all people in truth & charity.…
We need to desire the cross before we can desire glory with Jesus. #HomilyTweet
Today, for the 1st time in a while, I started "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again." (Old translation; changed in 2012)
If Carter wants respect, he needs to show it. I will show #RespectForCarter when he changes his coercive sexual behavior & apologizes.
We exist in the real order: the order of sin, grace and redemption.
Mary looks on us with kindness as she looked kindly on the child Jesus. (I took this photo a week ago while visitin…
The current uncertainty about religion allows us to present people with the opportunity to experience faith in a deeper, more personal way.
Children’s stories often meaningful but are not strictly speaking true – eventually the meaningful answer must give way to the true answer.
T or F? "W/o an organic & cohesive property tradition, freedom doesn't arise b/c it cannot even really be imagined."…
When we lose our supernatural end, even our human acts begin to be done poorly because they are separated from their ultimate goal.
The apostles bore the center of the Christian message: God reveals himself in Christ and through the spirit calls all men to conversion.
The cross always reminds us of sacrifice. This cross gives a special reminder as it's on the Chaldean Bishop's chai…
Intimacy often appears as a synonym for sexual expression but it is a broader psychological reality of sharing deeply with another.
I get it, @HillaryClinton, selling baby parts for a Lamborghini is a woman's most personal, difficult decision. (?)…
Here's the @WMF2015 stamp: society & the Church depend on the family.
Donors are now asking @PPact to remove their names. Let's pray that all funding for @PPact disappears. #DefundPP…
Many times the rules of Jesus are more of a paradigm than a commandment.
If we want to bear fruit we need to listen to & understand the Lord's Word. #HomilyTweet
We need to pray that all those involved in @PPact convert, or at least that they lose government funding. #DefundPP…
‘‘Get on the bus before we slaughter your family.’’ NYT: Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East…
Jesus entered concrete history: unlike every other god or goddess in history, he knew our daily struggle.
As the seminary stands above the trees, our faith needs to stand above this passing world. #faith #catholic #christ
The area of deepest conversion is the human heart – conversion requires us to go within and take seriously the inner world of our spirit.
I found this simple map of Syria & the Middle East very helpful to understand the #SyrianCivilWar & #ISIS.
There is something totally different about God who reveals himself and a God we create.
“The most significant challenge facing the Catholic Church today is the attrition of our own people.” @FrRobertBarron True! What can we do?
#SomeoneTellCNN about @PPact selling baby body parts in order to buy a Lamborghini. There's #MediaBlackoutGate in regard to this.
It's amazing how in a poor black neighborhood all the buildings are in bad shape EXCEPT THE CHURCHES. I saw this riding my bike yesterday.
The culture is not the standard of the Gospel. Jesus is.
We can easily miss the grace we have of living in this time. #HomilyTweet
DC metro, we need to find a way to help @NotInOurTownDC stop Planned Parenthood from building an abortion clinic in the District.
“Contemporary society is filled with people who developed to adolescence & then work corrupted by a hedonistic anticulture.” Fr Groeschel
60% of Planned Parenthood clients have an abortion with them. Get the facts in this blog:…
Mary Magdalene met Jesus with overwhelming joy & surprise. (Photo by @EkellyFr at @Magdala_Galilee <--check them out)
Our hearts long for something; they should long for the living God. #HomilyTweet
All the graces we need flow from the cross. This crucifix at the Chaldean Cathedral shows us how important Jesus' b…
“All Christian action is a privilege, not an obligation, since we are God’s children.” Hans Urs von Balthasar
When we encounter Christ in the sacraments of the Church, this is the sacrament of our encounter with God.
FYI: you don't need to ask #IfICouldTalkToGod because God is always listening if you raise your mind to him, speak, & listen (aka: prayer).
We have to realize that even our weaknesses are gifts from God as @SisterMPaul points out.…
Mercy is that even though we are guilty, God transforms us from within so we are no longer guilty but sanctified. @curtisrobin
When you lose sight of God, eventually creation loses its meaning and sense of purpose.
Francis sees himself 1st as an evangelizer & witness, not 1st as a teacher. W/o this, we misunderstand him. @ignatiusinsight @JamesMartinSJ
When #HAHN is trending and you can only think of Scott Hahn. #CatholicProblems @CatholicPrblm
If anyone else is the DC area, I'd recommend they help out @CCADW as I do every few weeks (St Mary's Meals).…
“The greatest grace of [St Therese's] life was her understanding of mercy.” Fr Marie-Eugene
IHS = Jesus Savior of Men. This plate shows us how Jesus should penetrate our whole life. #jesus #ihs #plate #chris

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