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Fr Matthew Schneider
If we give ourselves in love to God and others, he promises to bring fruit from our ministry. #HomilyTweet
The only drawback of various theologies of liberation or development “is that they pretend to take the place of theology itself.” de Lubac
At every mass Jesus gives us strength to endure martyrdom like St Lawrence. #SaintOfTheDay
“It is impossible to overcome terrorism, illegal violence detached from morality, by force alone.” Card. Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)
“Every notion which brings down the supernatural order to the level of the natural tends to mistake the Church for the world” Henri de Lubac
The heavens proclaim the greatness of the Lord & the earth shows forth his handiwork. This is from atop the mountai…
San Francisco had a minor 3.3 #earthquake. Let's #PrayForSanFrancisco: both for anyone injured & the conversion of most of the city.
we aspire to please Him” 2 Cor 5:9 To you live to please God, or do you live just not to go to hell? Do what you do out of love not fear.
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"Catechesis addresses I don’t know, evangelization addresses I don’t care.” -Curtis Martin
Jesus wants to raise is up to himself through the Eucharist. #HomilyTweet
The only thing that subdues Europe's barbarians was the love of Christ on the cross.
"Freedom from evil spirits is not an end in itself. Receiving the full blessing God has given us & becoming His disciple is." Neal Lozano
FYI: the picture this afternoon was from atop Max Patch Mountain (in NC but under a mile from TN).
The term "couple" makes sense for Marriage because our means: Noun: a group of 2 Verb: to join together @mckinoti
Only when the couple understand the goods of marriage will a marriage flourish. It isn’t just feeling.
My afternoon view after a short hike.
“When conversion is viewed as an ongoing process, at once personal, communal, & historical, it coincides with living religion.” Fr Lonergan
I was presently surprised by this gas price - it seems like yesterday it was $3.50 or more.
Thank you all for your prayers and @shmsdetroit for great summer classes. I'm of to vacation now.
If the law is more important then the person who gives the law, we have ceased to be Christians.
We are all sinners. Let us be transformed by God’s mercy.
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Jesus destroys death with the Gospel. When we read it, we should feel its life-giving power. #HomilyTweet
Even though the Church is sometimes a small flock she is the seed of unity, hope and salvation for all mankind.
I finished my exam - not perfect but pretty good - & left @shmsdetroit for the year.
Put love where there is no love and you’ll find love. – St John of the Cross
The hashtag #TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs can help us have compassion on those who suffer mental illness.…
A message about why we should #DefundPP from @CardinalDolan. #PP ends innocent human life. (pic via @PegAgnusDei)
If you can, please pray for my Theology in 2.5 hours.
The supernatural is not simply the miraculous but the whole of the spiritual and the divine.
1 more reason to #DefundPP: "Inspections catch 3 Planned Parenthood clinics doing illegal abortions" via @LifeSite…
When we hear the great messages of @Pontifex, we realize #GoodIsWinning. Let's prepare for the #PopeinPhilly for more goodness. @PopeIsHope
Religious experience & human consciousness depend on 2 movements: an ascending movement from man to God & descending 1 from God to creation.
From the wonders he does in our lives, we realize that the Lord is the true God. #HomilyTweet
Atheist circle: scientific methodology excludes what is beyond nature; science can't prove what is beyond nature. @Rouge20V @UtdSass
We need to bring about God’s love and compassion in the world – Christian spirituality is not just a private relationship with God.
I've seen the recent #PlannedParenthood videos compared to Uncle Tom's Cabin: is that accurate? Why or why not?
So far AL, LS, & NH have defunded @PPact. Only 47 more and the federal government to go.…
St. Paul wanted to win all groups over to Christ (cf. 2 Corinthians 11). What groups do we need to win over to Christ today?
When we offer our prayers like this old man, #GoodIsWinning (@PopeIsHope). He's at the tomb of Venerable Solanus Ca…
We learn many virtues in our Christian families. Above all, we learn to love, asking nothing in return.
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"The TRUTH will set you free!" But it also means little "truths" (government, celebrity, etc.) lose some power. @p__cat @jalphonsalopez
Why is Christianity unpopular? Because it claims to have the truth and thus deprives other institutions of their cultic and sacred power.
Tomorrow is the last day to tweet #GoodIsWinning to @PopeIsHope & apply to be part of a social media team @ @WMF2015…
Tweet #GoodIsWinning to @PopeIsHope to be part of the digital street team for @Pontifex's US visit. RT this if you think I should be part.
“Love of neighbor can be embodied in social attitudes and practices; these are as varied as everyday human intercourse dictates.” Schürmannn
As Jesus was transfigured on Mt Tabor, he wants to be transfigured in your heart. #HomilyTweet
@FrMatthewLC "Receiving Jesus as your personal savior" takes on a whole new dimension!
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