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Fr Matthew Schneider
Equality implies human nature which implies virtues show what's right & 1 virtue is chastity: ordered use of the sexual organs @botkins2012
The saints teach us how to love Jesus. Here's St Francis teaching a young boy. #francis #statue #catholic #educat...
Ladies need to start acting like ladies, and gentlemen need to start acting like gentlemen💁
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If we just avoid evil, we aren't Christian. When we step out to help others, then we're Christian.
God works in mysterious ways we can't always understand; he called Peter and he calls us. #todayshomily
"If you want to be like your friend, spend time with them. If you want the holiness of Christ, spend time with Him!"
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You’ve heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” It’s probably just as accurate to say, “You are who you hang out with” - @therebelution
Jesus remains with us in the Eucharist; there is our the best teacher. #todayshomily
The end of week 4 in the Breviary should have a note saying "continued on pg. X" #priestproblems #catholicproblems @CatholicPrblm
Simeon said a sword would pierce Mary's hearty but really 7 swords did. #mary #catholic #immaculateheart #sheism...
Oftentimes God gives us a difficult path to grow spiritually and become more like him. @DesireeSeattle
The Father hears Jesus' prayer but doesn't save him from death. Likewise, God can hear our prayers and still not give us the easy path.
Today as we celebrate St Rose of Lima, I'm reminded of the 10 years I spent at @StRose_CCSD (K-9)
“Don’t fear pain and suffering... You will be on Calvary with Him, and the joy is not possible to express.” Fr John Henry Bush
Mary, how I love you. You watch over me as the kindest mother. #mary #catholic #christian #sheismymother #statue ...
"As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live." --St. John Paul II
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Christians knows how to give. Their lives are filled with generous acts – often hidden – towards their neighbour.
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If parents - especially fathers - aren't religious, it's unlikely their teenage & young adult children will be.
“You are upright, Yahweh, and your judgments are honest.” Ps 119:137 Are our judgments always honest & just?
Happy Feast of the Coronation of Mary. I saw this mosaic in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in D...
Faith is essential for theology: both so the theologian understands what he speaks of & because he is called to defend it.
"Wherever there is life, fervour and a desire to bring Christ to others, genuine vocations will arise." @Pontifex
This architecture was designed to honor Jesus. What a pretty way to do so. We should honor Jesus in all we do. Th...
When we turn away from God we are like dry bones. However, Jesus wants to restore our life through confession. #todayshomily
We need to return to the FULL divine plan for marriage if we want to win the battle against gay "marriage." @jg_simpson
Jesus is returned to his Church! The Satanists have returned the host rather than fight a lawsuit.
If marriage is just "2 people who love each other sexually & want to spend a long time together" denying gays is discrimination @jg_simpson
Serial adultery & divorce destroys marriage more than gay marriage. B4 fighting gay marriage, we need to restore marriage.
This bust of Jesus is in an altar I've been celebrating más on these days. He looks at each of us with love. #jes...
Ministry must work for charity and justice, not just to make people feel good.
How often do we make excuses not to spend time with Jesus even though we know he invites is to a feast? #todayshomily
Today my blog on the top 12 Catholics on Instagram was mentioned by @LukeCoppen of the @CatholicHerald as "must read"…
Retweet if you love Jesus and know he loves you.
Here's some "rock-art" I saw after a girls' camp in Alberta. I like the message. #alberta #love #rock #capturecal...
Let us ask the Lord for this grace: that our hearts become free and filled with light, so that we can rejoice as children of God.
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“If you ate only one meal a week, would you survive? It is the same for your soul. Nourish it with the Blessed Sacrament” St. Andre Bessette
Heaven is so great a reward that we can't be mad about anything once were there. #todayshomily
The tabernacle at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC. We save gold for our Lord. #eucharist #...
“Virtue is nothing else but an ordered and controlled longing clearly directed to God for Himself.” The Cloud of Unknowing
The Church probably owns the accidents / species of the Eucharist. The substance & essence are both Jesus so un-ownable. @unum_verum_Deum
The Eucharist is Jesus so it's not a thing but a person & nobody can own a person. The Church regulates the Eucharist. @hashtagCatholic
I took this picture of the Franciscan convent in DC last week but I'm back near it today so I figured I'd share i...
Does the Church own the Eucharist? A lawsuit asserts that as far as it is property, the Church does. Interesting.
I'm studying at Catholic U today. We need to learn about Jesus from prayer 1st but also from books.
Today my blog on the top 12 Catholics on Instagram is on New Advent (the collection of the best Catholic blogs):
Happy feast of St Bernard! By coincidence I've been meditating on his commentary on the Song of Songs.
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