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Fr Matthew Schneider
Someone will only fall away from the Christian faith if they have never been evangelized in it.
With the #PopeinAfrica, maybe he'll learn some lessons from that growing Church we can apply here to our stagnant Church.
In the Patristic era, preparing to become Christian changed someone's whole life.
When Mary receives Jesus, she feels impelled to share him. We too need to be impelled.
Here's our community photo for 2015-16. 10 priests & 2 religious brothers on the path to the priesthood. #fb
“The Spirit comes... from the cross of Christ.” Cantalamessa
If you know anyone who struggles with porn addiction, this gives hope it can be beaten based on science.…
#SoundSmarterThanYouAre The inaugural Johannine pericope enunciates the incarnational event = John's Gospel starts with Jesus becoming man.
Let's all celebrate a great CANADIAN tradition this week.…
One who lowers himself by sin, lowers not only himself but the Church and the whole world.
Obviously each person has dignity, but that doesn’t mean that every human relationship is holy and good.
#BlackFridayIn3Words Antithesis of Thanksgiving. 1 day you thank God for all you have, the next you greedily try to get more?!?
I was pleasantly surprised by this blog on saving sex till marriage b/c it teaches chastity while staying positive.…
With Advent around the corner, here's a mini-retreat to learn how to take advantage of it. via @RCSpirituality
St Paul teaches us the power of truth, it's strong enough to split stones. This mosaic is in the Redemptor Hominis …
Jesus deserves our everything, not just our surplus. #HomilyTweet
The Bible is canonical because it is inspired; it’s not inspired because it’s canonical.
We are capable of loving to the degree we’re loved. We need to experience love from God and others so we can love.
“The gospel message is good news beyond human comprehension: we are saved by love, for love, for all eternity.” Ralph Martin
On Christ the King remember that Jesus reigns by mercy. We celebrated at the JP2 National Shrine & this mosaic by F…
"Vocation carries w/ it the answer to the question: Why be a human person-& how? This answer adds a new dimension to the whole of life" JP2
On #ChristTheKing, we need to remember that Christ should reign everywhere. Thus, religion is not simply a private matter.
We need to let Jesus reign in our hearts so that he cam also reign in society. #ChristTheKing #ChristtheKingSunday #HomilyTweet
The pragmatic reason so few of the Syrian refugees are Christian - Muslims have better connections in the area.…
Happy Solemnity of Christ the King! It's the patronal feast of @RegnumChristiEn so please say a special prayer for us today.
We need to present our purity to God. #HomilyTweet
Time is a gift given to us which we will be held accountable for when our time is up.
The mighty have fallen. MSU 17 OSU 14 Final.
A bit of surprise but Boko Haram actually killed more people in the past year than ISIS.
As Jesus moves to the edge of culture, culture dies. Let's return him to the center. This statue is at a Parish I …
MURDEROUS is 1 word. Its synonyms also work: redhanded, barbaric, bloodthirsty, homicidal, & psychopathic. @PPact…
To build up the Christian community. We need to create friendships among Christians.…
Happy birthday to my dad! This picture expresses his personality. He's celebrating by hunting all day so I had to w…
The male version ends by pushing your chest out, sucking in your abs and strutting.…
Whenever we identify Christianity with just our own culture, we make Christianity less than it really is.
In the New Testament, “evangelize” means to proclaim his authority and power the good news of salvation that Jesus brings.
Since we are temples of the Holy Spirit, we need to keep our souls crystal clean to honor God. #HomilyTweet
“Extraordinary favors and life experiences are not an integral part of the mystical life.” Fr Marie-Eugene
If we want to create a National Prayer Team, let's pray for holiness & individual conversion 1st before politics.
The best most of us can do for the hostage situation in Mali is to pray. So let's #PrayForMali & a peaceful end to the situation.
"the call to perfection belongs to the very essence of the Christian vocation." - St John Paul II
“He who does not believe in Satan, does not believe in the Gospel.” John Paul II (really!)
A former Buddhist monk: “Buddha filled my mind, that Jesus filled my heart.”
We are temples of the Holy Spirit so God's love needs to start in prayer & transform all our actions. #HomilyTweet
We welcome technology as a gift but we need to learn how to use it wisely.
When our eyes are on heaven, it is much easier to maintain personal peace; & world peace is the fruit of that.…

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