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Fr Matthew Schneider
Even half-abandoned things can show forth beauty. God has no limits. #beauty #canal #dc #dam #waterfall #tw
We need to see others for who they are themselves, not as our projects or converts.
Division within a Christian community is a very grave sin; it is the work of the devil.
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“The Spirit is given to the Church forever not just in the 1st century. Human beings cannot have a more secure source of certitude” Fr Dubay
"I am not unfortunate, in fact, having depression is such a huge blessing." Rachael Kramer age 17 explains depression…
“Misery cannot be relieved on the rules of distributive justice. Masses will not organize themselves under theories.” Fr Faber
My 0:30 homily today: Why Does God Use Angels Sept 29 2014 via @Homilies30
If we go to confess venial faults, we must do it out of humility not out of pride or we easily become Pharisees.
When we speak with Mary in the rosary, she speaks to us. A rosary a day keeps the devil at bay. #rosary #mary #ca...
If we aren't sure about what we believe, we won't be credible or able to evangelize. Hence our faith must be certain.
"A person’s artwork always reflects their philosophy and theology." -Do you think that's true? why or why not? I tend to think so...
“Spirituality must never become spiritualization.” (it can't be against the body or bodiless) Nouwen
Father forgive them! Even with nails in his hands and feet, Jesus thought of us 1st. #cross #catholic #christian ...
“When the Church begins to proclaim the Gospel in a secular idiom she may end up proclaiming secularism in a Christian idiom.” Vigo Demant
When the priest turns the homily into his life story, that's called a vocational testimony. @VitoJosh @CatholicPrblm
“The Christian fasts for the sake of the soul; the pagan fasts for the sake of the body.” @FultonSheen
My 0:30 homily today: Spiritual Growth - Sept 28 2014 via @Homilies30
The Kingdom of Christ is in every soul. In fact, Regnum Christi is dedicated to building it in every soul. @SrHelenaBurns
“The Christian devotional confession must include the desire to participate in a more intimate fashion in the lot of sinners.” von Speyr
Regnum Christi tops the motto of both the Paulines & Jesuits: PER REGNUM CHRISTI AD GLORIAM DEI @SrHelenaBurns
Contrition for sin is being horrified by the gulf between us and God.
Here's your Catholic identity test: if you know what this means, you're probably Catholic. #tabernacle #candle #c...
Jesus is love. So, every time we love truly we share his life in some way.
Devotion to Mary is a key part of authentic Christianity! Fav if you love Mary RT if she leads you to her Son, Jesus
@FrMatthewLC Chastity=respect for both sides Respect has become the shameful ingredient for behavior today
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Please pray for a friend who's fighting terminal cancer. The doctor gave him 3-6 months but he wants to fight it. #prayerchain
#ilovemyselfbecause I'm a child of the King of Kings and he comes to me every day in the Eucharist.
People that say being Catholic isn't fun have obviously never been Catholic.
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My 0:30 homily today: The Vocation Crisis - Sept 27 2014 via @Homilies30
Could the omni-presence of casual sex lead to higher incidents of rape? Maybe it's one cause of the "rape culture"…
Mary looks down on us with love. 🙏🙇💖😇 Today we honor that
There is the tendency to place ourselves and our ambitions at the center of our lives. This is very human, but it is not Christian.
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"Be still and know I am God" How often do we live a go-go life and forget to take the time to be still & quiet?
“Devotion 2 the Church combines all interests. It takes every duty. It provides 4 every responsibility. It intensifies every love” Fr Faber
My 0:30 homily today: Why Do We Suffer - Sept 26 2014 via @Homilies30
If you want more confessions in your parish, find 10 other parishioners who also want more & then KINDLY ask your priest. @CindyTrainque
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. This painting is at the famous Franciscan Monastery in DC. #catholic #...
We can't claim to strive for the holiness God asks us unless we have regular recourse to confession. (cf. John Paul 2)
The fruits of my retreat: 1. Understanding the mystery of God's call to me. 2. Focusing the spiritual life on Jesus not me.
"Once we have satisfied the minimum requirements, we tend to stop pushing ourselves." @therebelution
Neitzsche said that if you believe in grammar, you still believe in God. The same applies to logic. @joejusticeza @AdamReakes
The child-like are NOT ignorant - in fact they are the most knowledgeable as they know God. However the childish are ignorant @DarthNihilus1
Heaven is spending eternity w/ God - if you're a sincere atheist, you wouldn't want that so you pick hell on your own @mleach44 @bobshine89
On its own the cross seems undesirabel until we realize that it lets us be like and with Jesus. @ThoughtTravelr
We fail to reach full contrition if we look at ourselves and our possibilities rather than God’s.
“In piety, every battle is a victory, simply because it is a battle.” Father Faber
A man must admit his sins to God. "The Christian, who after baptism has sinned gravely, must externalize this self-accusation.” Paul Anciaux
We can seek vanities or we can seek Jesus. If we seek Jesus he'll give us the cross. #todayshomily
The symbols in our faith need to lead us beyond this life to our true life in Jesus.