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Fr Matthew Schneider
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Paul VI said that to renew herself, the Church must understand herself more profoundly.
“It has never been persuasively shown that what young people find attractive in a disco, they will find attractive in church.” John Ainslie
At my administration training course. How many accounting offices have something like this? It's a blessing to wo...
"There is the spiritual laceration that love entails, the surrendering of mere self-will to be one in spirit with another." Kheriaty & Cihak
Young people need models, not critics. ~John Wooden #leadership
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My 30-second homily today: The Call of the Apostles - Oct 28 2014 via @Homilies30
Mary watches over our religious community in Rye, NY. I arrived last night & @FrJasonSmith was kind enough to pic...
May we help people to discover the joy of the Christian message: a message of love and mercy.
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Grand Central Station never sleeps. Our works is so busy, sometimes we need a few minutes of escape to be with Go...
“In the Church of the New Testament faith involved a submission of the intellect not to a book, but to a living authority.” Fr Dubay
The next 2 days I have the sacrifice of administration training. I'm offering it up 4 my community but u can give me more intentions...
We know God will not abandon his Church; we aren't privy to how he will save it. @TerpNC @paulmeyer745
Mass emphasizes the community by using you plural while confession uses you singular to emphasize the person aspect.
I'm heading up to NYC on @BoltBus. Their fares were so low I had to double-check they were real... So far everything seems great!
If you're a young man, come to this retreat over New Years!
"Whenever we view others only in terms of how they affect us, we are in big trouble." Cloud & Townsend (Marriage Counselors & Psychologists)
“Science, in and of itself is not the answer to all our problems, personal and societal.” Secular Harvard Psychologist, Tal Ben-Shahar
My 30-second homily today: Do We Forgive? - Oct 27 2014 via @Homilies30
Chastity is a direction (respect for others' bodies and your own) not a line (don't do X, Y & Z).
"Fasting detaches you from this world. Prayer reattached you to the next." #FultonSheen
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I'm arriving at the @mmillermusic concert sponsored by @DCCatholic. Anyone else around & want to say hello?
All Jesus asks is that we open our heart; then he'll fill it with his love -@Cardinal_Wuerl now
Jesus tells us that we're always welcome in his love. -@Cardinal_Wuerl now
In every generation there were those who asked others to join the faith. -@Cardinal_Wuerl now
Each of us, who live by faith, need a constant strengthening of our faith. @Cardinal_Wuerl now
Never be hesitant to say "I don't know as much about my faith as I should." @Cardinal_Wuerl now
So often when receiving people into the Church from RCIA, we realize that it began when someone invited them. @Cardinal_Wuerl now
We need to be strong enough to belief that God loves each of us. @Cardinal_Wuerl now
Don't be afraid to bring Christ to others. @Cardinal_Wuerl now
God loves us. That's why he brought us into being. God is with us. @Cardinal_Wuerl now
The most provocative part of the Gospel is that we can bring it about. @Cardinal_Wuerl now
The Word of God is our starting point for decisions... It says God breaks into our world & offering us a relationship @Cardinal_Wuerl now.
Prior to the early twentieth century and throughout history, people were either children or adults. Teenagers are a modern invention.
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My 30-second homily today: Morality: "Love" or "Don't" - Oct 26 2014 via @Homilies30
“Certitude is a communal enterprise.” One can’t do it all on his own. -Fr Dubay
I just finished saying mass at St Martin's in Gaithersburg. They showed how much they love the Eucharist. #cathol...
Our vocation - every vocation - is rebirth in Christ Jesus.
I got early to this church to hear confessions of teens on a Confirmation retreat. #church #catholic #jesus #euch...
To love is to give yourself to others & put their needs above your own. @pouroutone
Jesus' Passion on the cross completes the institution of the Eucharist that began at the Last Supper.
From here & Facebook most seem to like the more forward facing fundraising shot with the non-script font.
The Church is not about religious ceremonies, it's about your personal relationship with JESUS. #Eucharist
St John says "God is Love" so if we want to give Jesus to others we need to start by loving them.
Soon, I'll be asking for money to support my studies & apostolate. I have 2 campaign photos; which is better?
My 30-second homily today: Doctrine & Charity - Oct 25 2014 via @Homilies30
Jesus’ Cross shows the full force of evil, but also the full power of God’s mercy.
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Here's a good analysis of the synod by @fatherdesouza: Eleven Ways the Synod Failed Pope Francis’ Vision…
Last journal of 1 who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge: “I’m going 2 walk 2 the bridge. If 1 person smiles @ me on the way I will not jump”
Sickening and false: "when we obey God, we’re not doing it for God... we’re doing it for ourselves." Victoria Osteen
.@UVnots Disciple = someone who follows a master. Apostle = someone sent by a master. The master is obviously Jesus.