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Fr Matthew Schneider
May we learn to say “thank you” to God and to one another. We teach children to do it, and then we forget to do...
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It was radical for the man born blind to WORSHIP Jesus. We need to be radical in our worship. #todayshomily
Unless we are interior men and women, we always run the danger of hypocrisy in our ministry.
The confessional “is not a torture chamber, but the place in which the Lord’s mercy motivates us to do better.” -@Pontifex
“On the atheistic premise, Albert Camus was consistent in finding human existence absurd.” Thomas Dubay
Priests & deacons: can you please tweet a summary of your homily each day w/ #todayshomily? @CathTools @inthelineofmel @frjohncyr @JimSichko
Our prayer needs to lead to charity. Otherwise we're like those the prophets condemn for offering sacrifices but not justice. #todayshomily
To Catholic School Teachers: “You are not here to teach math or phys ed; you are here to teach souls.” -@mikepatin
We live in a society that leaves no room for God; day by day this numbs our hearts.
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Lord, grant me wisdom and humility...but not in that order.
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Today I went cross-country skiing for the first time. I was surrounded by such beautiful mountains but…
Unless I go to God in prayer 1st, I have nothing to give others.
Sometimes we might lose sight of this goal, but every day we can begin again. @Pontifex asks...
St Therese goes further than St John or St Teresa: "she deliberately rejects mysticism.” Von Balthasar
We all need to improve, to change for the better. Lent helps us fight against our faults.
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"God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy." @Pontifex
Why is #mensissues the tag for inappropriate University campus behaviour? It should be #boyissues or #maleissues as MEN would never do that.
“By your grief and continual prayer I will do mercy to the world.” Jesus to Catherine of Siena Is our prayer that intense?
Here's the group of volunteers I served with at the Drop-In Centre this morning. "When I was hungry…
Contemplation - the deepest form of prayer - is simple gazing on the Lord. How is your prayer?
Listen to God like Isaiah because you'll have to listen to him like the demons otherwise. #todayshomily
“God created human beings to be immortal, he made them as an image of his own nature” Wisdom 2:23
Something tells me this sign isn't necessary this time of year. (Oddly, I saw 2 ducks just after I…
We want to be Happy! We want heaven! which is greater? read my blog:…