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Fr Matthew Schneider
This week Regnum Chisti Live posted a blog I'd written on the value of our body vs. the value of our soul. Check it out!
The Jefferson Monument seen through the trees. #jefferson #tw Today I'm posting a bunch of pictures I took tourin...
People be like "I want to find a coke with my name on it," but I just want to find one with Jesus' name so I can share one with him.
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The wishing tree has 100's of wishes on it but this seems to be the common, peace. #wishingtree #peace #yokoono #...
If Jesus forgives your sins, join the #ChristianFollowTrain 1 RT this 2 Follow me & all who RT it 3 We connect
If you love Jesus in the Eucharist, Join the #CatholicFollowChain 1 RT this 2 Follow me & all who RT it 3 We connect
These Jehovah's Witnesses were right outside the White House. We need Católica tío evangelize like that. #jw #eva...
The Harris twins (@therebelution) just followed me. They are a real inspiration. #FF on Thursday.
A selfie in front of the US Capital Building. #priestselfie #fb Today I'm posting a bunch of pictures I took tour...
One Indicator of an authentic "Mountain Top God Experience" - it reveals to us the Lordship of Christ. #MassGospel #Transfiguration
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I just found a young Catholic guy online with the same name as me. Weird, eh? @mschneides35
Jesus is the rock on which we build our faith; not fads or opinions but truth. #todayshomily
The Christian is someone who can decrease so that the Lord may increase, in his heart and in the heart of others.
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I went on a little cultural visit of DC today... #whereiprayedtherosarytoday more pictures tomorrow. #dc #uscapit...
“To seek God must be our most glorious and rewarding assignment in our lives.” @EsmeraldaKiczek
“In Hell there is sex without pleasure. In Heaven there is pleasure without sex.” C. S. Lewis
“Let us start today to spiritually adopt our dear family members, our friends, our priests, our enemies, etc.” @EsmeraldaKiczek
Do we need community in our church? in our youth group? What does this mean? I ponde these questions in my blog.
With God's light shining on us we can grow in unexpected places. This plant is on a cliff 50 feet above the Potom...
St Peter asks is to believe because of the wonderful things like the Transfiguration. What amazing works of God have we seen? #todayshomily
Jesus needs to be in heaven 1st to welcome us home. @m477h3wT @1catherinesiena
Please share ideas on how to build community in the Church and specifically in youth ministry? I'm looking for help.
We rejoice that Jesus leaves us only because he goes to prepare heaven for us.
Jesus, please keep protecting me and all the teens I minister too. RT to say the same prayer yourself.