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Fr Matthew Schneider
We can be forgiven like Mary Magdalene in the sacrament of confession. #todayshomily
The great threat in today’s world is the loneliness of hearts oppressed by greed.
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@frankiebird01 @FrMatthewLC how pure of you to chastise a priest anonymously on social media for not responding to random hate with panic
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My bad experience with @united today: They said I can give cash for a checked bag but they made me waste $15 putting $25 cash onto a card.
The Catholic Church is the #1 provider of education & social services for the poor in the world. I'm proud of that @deezer234 @frankiebird01
We spend so much time searching out money, pleasure or gadgets. WHy don't we spend as much time searching out Jesus? #todayshomily
Father Alvaro passed away a few weeks ago. We can pray for his soul.… @mztet_teretet
Free rosaries from @mteresamtz: "if u need free rosaries or know someone who needs some. Please RT"
Being away from Twitter I got to read a little more and spend ore time in Nature. @Media_For_Life
A confirmation saint is meant to be someone we model our life on. We should always look for more saints as models for our life. @Sj0ung
Mary & Jesus are models for all so I think would appear so the visionary understands them (Guadalupe is a Mestizo). @JohnsiePj
The love of Jesus is more powerful than any of our weaknesses.
Jesus wants to build the kingdom in each of our hearts; only then will it be built in society. #todayshomily
As our world self-destructs, the only one we can fully trust is Jesus. #todayshomily
The Lord loves a cheerful giver. May we learn to be generous in giving, free from the love of material possessions.
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"I desire mercy not sacrifice" - Christ wants to give us mercy and not to punish us in the sacrament of confession #todayshomily
Let's pray for the victims of #MalaysiaAirlines #MH17 Jesus, have mercy on them.
Jesus wants to take your difficulties and burdens but we need accept his easy yoke (Christian discipline). #todayshomily
The Church, by her nature, is missionary. She exists so that every man and woman may encounter Jesus.
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I played my first game of golf today. That's 4.5 hours gone - I don't dislike it but prefer about 20 other forms of relaxation.
Jesus wants us to give him the glory for our actions not take the glory ourselves. #todayshomily
Dear young people, do not be mediocre; the Christian life challenges us with great ideals.
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Today is exactly 7 months since I was ordained a priest. I almost forgot till we started talking about how long we'd been ordained at lunch.
Congratulations to the Germann soccer team! World Champions! #WorldCupFinal #GERvsARG
Come on Germany! You can do it. #GERvsARG