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Fr Matthew Schneider
September 11th, 2001 May God grant those affected by the tragedy peace
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Doing hard things means doing what is most important — not what feels safest or most comfortable.
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Important research for those doing Youth Ministry: note how key relationships are 5 Ways to Connect with Millennials…
“Spiritually, the eye of the soul is reason. The conscience is the spiritual face.” The Cloud of Unknowing
My 0:30 homily today: Is Wikipedia the Greatest Source of Knowledge? - Sept 11 2014 via @Homilies30
Another funny story from Eye of the Tiber! Pope Francis To Investigate Roman Curia On TV Show “Undercover Boss”…
I just reached 18K followers. Thanks to you all but especially @beneinfinito who is follower #18,000. #NunsRule #ReligiousVocation
We cannot trust in our own strength, but only in Jesus and in his mercy.
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“The compassion with which we are to love cannot be based upon a competitive lifestyle. It has to be this absolute compassion.” Henri Nouwen
#WhenIWasAKid My dad say "Are you going to behave?" & I responded "I'm going to be-very-have." (really a friend's kid not me)
#WhenIWasAKid I thought "forks" referred to "four" so called the forks in a restaurant "threeks."
Interior silence will usually be reflected in exterior silence; we need to be silent to hear God's whisper in our ear.
Jesus will stop at NOTHING to show each of us his love; we just need to OPEN our hearts to him.
Here's a few ideas I have on teaching chastity, can you add something? Blog: 4 Wrong Ways to Teach Chastity…
In our Christian community, nobody has all the wisdom but each has a part. So we need to be humble and learn from the others.
My 0:30 homily today: Blessed Are the Poor - Sept 10 2014 via @Homilies30
If we're doing a great job teaching chastity, why is the success rate so low? Blog: 4 Wrong Ways to Teach Chastity…
We need to wish that Muslim extremists (ISIS, etc) convert more than we wish them dead. That is Christian Love. @Nan_Imburgia
We need to teach chastity right but I've found some bad ways (& the alternatives): 4 Wrong Ways to Teach Chastity…
Lust calls to satisfy Now Adoration satisfies Eternity. (a friend said this to me)
It's sad that #WhyIStayed & #whyileft keep trending. We need to pray for people suffering or perpetrating domestic violence.
I blogged this wee on 4 Wrong Ways to Teach Chastity - unfortunately, they are all fairly common. Resources…
Here's why we should never abort disabled kids: BBC - Photographer with Down's syndrome 'sees the world differently'…
If you've ever wished a chastity presentation went better, you need to read my blog: 4 Wrong Ways to Teach Chastity…
My 0:30 homily today: Jesus Loves Us Personally - Sept 9 2014 via @Homilies30
Christianity is not a series of truths in the plural, but rather truth spelled with a capital “T.” - @therebelution
@FrMatthewLC I have to tell you, I got "Forming Intentional Disciples" on your reccomendation. You were so right Everyone should read it. TY
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God’s faithfulness is stronger than our unfaithfulness and our infidelities.
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“Nothing is more important than your soul, and God only gave you one. Therefore, I cannot let you lose it.” Fr Peter Hussey
“The Word of God, whether written or spoken, is like a mirror.” The Cloud of Unknowing
Die before you Die. There is no chance after. - @CSLewisDaily
Homily for the Feast of Mary's Birth: God is our Father #todayshomily…
Why and how should we do everything? Listen to St Therese of Lisieux:
“No man can worship, love or trust in a probable God.” Thomas Dubay
Here's the member of @AdorationServe who painted the surf board at work! Waht a great idea. @littleflowr @OCBishop
A surfboard with the Eucharist, the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart!
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“I heard Our Lady say in my heart that she wanted me to pray for sinners.” @EsmeraldaKiczek
Here's my 1st attempt at a video 30-second homily, tell me what you think. Bound to Charity via @Homilies30…
Hebrews 9:11-15 is describing the mass! Jesus, the high priest, enters heaven through his own blood. @Graziano_Montes @markrusselluk
A new promotion for confession: Get under the AC now and for eternity! @inthelineofmel That assumes the confessional has great AC.
“the greatest gift of all may have been His summons to the Cross where I found his continuing self-disclosure.” Fulton J. Sheen
@FrMatthewLC Every Mass Catholics live the body blood soul & divinity, not just words, but words action and truth! Every Mass
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In the death on the cross, Jesus saves you. We relive his death in the mass. The mass has no meaning apart from the passion. @brianh_50
In the mass, we relive the drama of redemption: Jesus' passion death & resurrection. So, @markrusselluk the world is saved through the mass.
“It is through the Mass that the whole world is saved.” Fr Francis Rudolph
We need to pray for priests. Don't just assume we're supermen - we're human too.