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Fr Matthew Schneider
A great blog by @frmikeschmitz - My Side of the Confessional: What Is It Like for a Priest?…
My 30-second homily today: What We Can Give to Caesar - Oct 19 2014 via @Homilies30
We need to let Jesus spring up in our heart like a rose in a field. (The wild rose is the provincial flower of Al...
"Jesus chose us not because we are great but because he loves us" - Benedict XVI to Seminarians
Today I celebrate 1 month of a sugar free diet. I'm feeling great physically: more focus & energy.
Get ready to tell the world why we love St John Paul II with the #StJP2WeLoveU twitterstorm on Wednesday @ 5pm EST (4pm CST, 2pm Pacific).
At synod end @Pontifex warns of 5 temptations: inflexibility, angelism, no charity & truth, worldliness, no doctrine.…
I'm watching part of #NDvsFSU. I'm not sure if I should listen to @hanmariams or @LT_TheBiblegeek for the team to cheer for.
We can't control grace but we need to make it easy for God to work in us and others.
Thanks to everyone who sent me prayer intentions yesterday. I've begun to pray for you all.
"Suicide rates in various countries are inversely proportional to the degree of social cohesiveness & community solidarity" Kheriaty & Cihak
Talking about the #STJP2WeLoveU twitterstorm, I saw this fun tribute music video to JP2 - his words are the lyrics.…
If you love your job & find meaning in it, you can be more spiritual than a monk who's there for the wrong reasons. cf. Harvard Psychologist
At World Youth Day, the world chanted John Paul II, We love you. Relive that on twitter with #STJP2WeLoveU @ 5pm next Wednesday.
I saw this couple on the beach. We need to hope that our love - be it for Jesus or our spouse - stays fresh like ...
Never once in Scripture does God say, "Don't call Me - I'll call you." #pray
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My 30-second homily today: Jesus Sends the Apostles - Oct 18 2014 via @Homilies30
To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us.
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To be Christian ministry, action must flow from Christian being which is centered on the belief in and communion with Jesus.
John Paul II taught us all to love God & each other. Express your love & gratitude for him by tweeting #STJP2WeLoveU @ 5pm EST on the 22nd
"The Gospel is not merely a communication of things that can be known — it is one that makes things happen & is life-changing" Benedict XVI
John Paul showed us love for Jesus. Let's show our love for him by tweeting #StJP2WeLoveU the 22nd @ 5pm.
Please send me your prayer intentions. I will print this tweet with all the responses & pray for them for the next few days.
Christ suffers in each of us - we just need to be aware of it to unite ourselves with him to be aware of it.
Next Wednesday (22nd), we celebrate the first ever feast day of SAINT John Paul II. Celebrate with a Twitterstorm of #STJP2WeLoveU @ 5pm EST
Grammar proves God's existence because it proves order in the world.
My 30-second homily today: St Ignatius of Antioch - Oct 17 2014 via @Homilies30
As religious, community is truest and most believable Gospel we can preach. Religious life is essential to our vocation.
If you haven't heard yet, the #StJP2WeLoveU Twitterstorm is the 22nd at 5pm EST to celebrate his feast day. RT so everyone knows.
"It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness" Join the Twitterstorm on 10/22 at 5pm EST: #STJP2WeLoveU
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Are our relationships to convert or are they because this person in front of me is a child of God?
God made you for this very moment and your specific situation. Are you living up to his desires?
Several people told me my blog yesterday was a very balance, clear and straightforward understanding of the synod.…
Recent studies in this millennium have shown that rituals are better for keeping us on track than self-discipline.
We need to explain the Vatican synod on the family so the media circus doesn't get worse. Here are my ideas:…
My 30-second homily today: He Thinks of Us from All Eternity - Oct 16 2014 via @Homilies30
There's been lots of debate on the Synod on the Family but it's still hard for the man in the pew to understand.…
A Christian is merciful by nature; this is heart of the Gospel.
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The Synod on the family can be confusing. Here's a few ideas I have on how to explain it better.…
Don't be another mediocre goody-goody who doesn't do bad stuff. Do the good hard things that impact the world for God.
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" If Christ Jesus dwells in a man as his friend & noble leader, that man can endure all things, for Christ helps & strengthens us" St Teresa
I tried this artistic photo on the side of a jogging path to show the union of natural and man-made beauty. (You'...
How do you explain the Vatican Synod on the Family? Here's a few ideas in my blog.…
I especially like 2 & 6: 6 Things I Hope the Synod on the Family Does That It Doesn’t Seem to be Doing Now…
"Explaining the Synod on the Family" - my blog this week to help you understand it.…
My homily today is on a key theme: how do we as Catholics treat Homosexuals?…