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Jame$ Bong
Don't force pieces that don't fit.
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Partying ain't really my thing anymore I'd rather smoke and chill with the homies.
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We'll kidnap the king pin like who is your supplier ?!
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People hate cause they don't got nothing better to do 😂😭
If you reside in Florida Vote YES on proposition 2. Get this marijuana medicated!!!
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Don't need shit from nobody
Most people are only around when they need something
I've seen opportunities change people out here. No country for fake friends.
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If being an asshole just means not letting people walk all over me, then I'm proud to say I'm an asshole
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Girls these days need to chill with the make-up. The goal is to look pretty not like a coloring book.
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@Beatspeare: not everyone will understand where you're going because they aren't meant to come along for the ride”
@neonxanss: I just want someone real nasty and real loyal”
U can't fake what u ain't
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hip hop fans are bi-polar and don't know what they want simply because no one knows how to properly identify the art anymore.
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Too nice to people.. That's got to stop
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Fuck the xx9s I just want the 11s!!! 500 is some bullllllll 💩