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Did I just told my 68 years old neighbor to come over and smoke joints tonight?
When a friend start dating is ok everybody deserves happiness! But all of them dating at the same time? I'm so alone I don't have friends!
Do you believe in life after love
I'M HIGH AS FUCK! I'm getting out of the atmosphere
Everybody its getting in love! I'm gonna lose myself on drugs and alcohol!
Dad is gone! I'm going to be alone the all week 😢!
I've lost so much & learned so much
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i fuck with everyone who fucks with me 🙏 🙏
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I'm not an artist because I just make art I'm an artist because I feel things more intense.
I'm looking for roommates if anyone can help me that would be nice!
James don't have respect for people who own a Ferrari but they drive it like a Prius.
Having a nice girl who really likes u but live too far away it fucking sucks.
My dream is go to all these Festivals in one year
I watched the EDC announcement and now I can't stop watch it! I'm just fucking excited!
You all know that if I'm driving your chance to still living is probably 20% or less and if im drunk it's like 30% or 40%.
I didn't know about holy ship it looks like fun doe!!😁
HOLY SHIP!!! 2014 Official Video: let's try this one day @christivnavarro
I gotta be honest those raves tweets are fucking hilarious! 😂😂😂😂
"Yeah, Zeds Dead" *dumb girl rolling face overhears conversation* "OMG WTF ZEDD DIED?!?! NO!! HE WAS MY CLARITY!!" 😭😭😭"
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Getting my OMFG 3 day pass for 75$
Gotta do a self portrait for my final and I really wanna draw some one else for this!
So my trip last night was lame af! But hey sometimes things just don't work good, when things cant get worst starts get better #GoodVibes 😅
You meet so many good people at raves I don't even know them that good but they just give me 2 tickets for Dj Caspa tonight. #letsgetratchet
I'm so pissed rn!!!! The fucking Sound of Q Dance was hella good tonight I'm not going to miss it never in my life again!
If u know I don't fuck with u and you come into my house without my permission thats god damn disrespectful.
My shoulder it's hurting so bad 😕
I feel like sam should create his own Rally page on Facebook!
I swear everytime I put my headphones on is like my brain it's having sex with music! #GoodVibes
Electric Daisy Impact on Las Vegas Nears $1 Billion. Festivals are good for cities!
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Drinking beer and smoking hookah by myself bc I have no friends lol
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When u need them they just turn their back
Hoy me voy a beber una botella llena de vodka!
I hate feeling disrespected more than anything
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Se murió el lemur de Zoboomafoo 😭😭
Poway es aburrido como la mierda!