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When some calls hashbrowns thats serious beef 😂😂😂😂
You know.. people are gonna treat you shitty and hurt you, but one day people will love you a lot and you'll forget bad people even exist ✌️
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People always have been treated me like not important and well I decided do the same with them, my life and myself over everything 👏
Rubios should stay open late on Tuesdays..
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I cant deal with this piece of damn shit phone anymore I quit that's it!!
Tb with the person who make my life 80% better in US, I definitely learn a lot from you and I wish the best for u!
So we were talking about cancer in class and this Persian guy just said "Prostitute cancer" and not "Prostate cancer"😂😂😂
Hot coco sounds so bomb rn!
My last retweet and this weather while I just look the gleam in her eyes that reflected the joy of her soul.
God definitely put a quarter of the heaven when he was creating my home country
If I'm angry > joint If I'm sad > joint If I've a headache > joint If I'm happy > joint > success happiness Weed what a WONDERFUL thing.
I know its coming but im just gonna enjoy the moment
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Tequila will make you do some pretty stupid shit
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Girls with muscles looks gross to me!
You roll with house fun! You roll with dubstep fun! but when you roll with Trance it's fucking peace in your soul!
Dear Santa for this x-mas I don't want anything all I wish is every single kid from Africa can eat a burrito everyday next year!
Hour 10/16 of workJames is having hallucinations!
Sleep because 16 hours of work are waiting for me tomorrow!
Events confirmed: OMFG 15 ✔ COACHELLA 15 ✔ EDC 15 ✔ TOMORROWLAND 15🔒( Locked level)
I think I'm going to stop smoke weed! Yesterday I thought I was about to die.
Hideo Kobayashi is my nigga!
"You gotta stomp on some goombas to get to the princess" - life lessons from Ca$per
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Did I just told my 68 years old neighbor to come over and smoke joints tonight?
When a friend start dating is ok everybody deserves happiness! But all of them dating at the same time? I'm so alone I don't have friends!
Do you believe in life after love
I'M HIGH AS FUCK! I'm getting out of the atmosphere
Everybody its getting in love! I'm gonna lose myself on drugs and alcohol!
Dad is gone! I'm going to be alone the all week 😢!
I've lost so much & learned so much
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i fuck with everyone who fucks with me 🙏 🙏
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I'm not an artist because I just make art I'm an artist because I feel things more intense.
I'm looking for roommates if anyone can help me that would be nice!