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Wow poor girl 😔 RT@_BluRay___: Yo, this is fucked up man. 9
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I don’t have faith in people, and I don’t feel particularly bad about that
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you niggas are really talented. like...absurdly talented.
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Why it gotta be in slow-mo tho? RT @yagurlbubblez87: His son looks uncomfy af. Hell nah
Agreed RT @Moeses_: If u dont like future music stfu and let us who do enjoy it
Nah RT @cartiertaebbg: I fuck with @plies because he’s a real nigga. Authentic niggas can sniff out another authentic nigga 💯💯💯💯💯
El Chapo offering $10,000,000.00 for a place to stay!!?? Tell that nigga to come thru, my grandma can sleep on the air mattress
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chicks be putting they arm over they face when you taking they panties off cause they not sure if it stink either
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Been chipping away at the struggle. It used to be a boulder…
When you're at a bar, look down at the floor. Drunk people tend to drop their money.
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Vodka trash. I’d rather drink gin. RT @cucu4hallepuffs: Nope RT @GoHomeeRoger: Dark liquor >>>>>> Vodka
But the Titanic sank while the Arc… never mind. RT @GetSwoIe: Amateurs build the arc, professionals build the titanic. #Bodybuilding
My nigga @1youngblackmale got his license. How a real one gets it done.
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You sleep. RT @RobbVsQua: Jeezy >>>> Gucci
Nah, for real. RT @Disciple_SW: @femaleclooney if it was fire it would have been 150 and he would have got your nails an hair did lmao jp
2nd time in the last couple months. RT @_kaylaareneee: Subway though ? Smh…
There isn’t much to tweet about because I don’t talk as much shit as I once did.
Build yourself as if your life is a powerful country or empire. Treat your body like a well oiled machine. It's the only one you get!
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Payday will bring me one step closer to the goal.
I must look like I smoke.
Shit’ll get you killed. RT @perfectbabies: So cute 😍 he dropped what he was doing to make her feel betterP
Wake up, get dressed, smoke something…
Niggas be in the videos counting money like there aren’t any mobile banking apps.
You failed because you had the wrong dream.
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New York niggas don't snore when they sleep they just yawn and say "son" repeatedly
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When one of your hoes texts you a whole essay on you not giving her enough attention
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I feel like people try to compete with me in an attempt prove who truly cares less, yet I win effortlessly.
If you cool with a nigga i don't really rock with why would i fuck with you heavy? Call it what you want but niggaz be grimey and 2faced
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The brokest shit you can do is put water in a soap dispenser to make it “last longer.”
Yellow hoes usually are. RT @ShawnWayne88: Amber rose to weak for a black man
I was hoping that someone would come through and find a a pleasant way to distract me.
And her attitude match. RT @ShawnWayne88: Me if the pussy bomb idc…
Handle that 😂 RT@ItzMrBlunt2Yalll: Have a Lowkey crush on a young girl at work because she ate raw meat.. it was savagely magical.
Huh? RT @_TakeNotesHun: Yes, but when a dude is bustin too many nuts on the regular they get all sloppy and saggy 😒…9
Me, my weed, a bottle and my thoughts tonight…
I hate meek mill all he does is yell nd all his songs . I used to like his old shit but i aint liked nothing he been on in a hott min.
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You smoking, fam? RT @ShawnWayne88: Wayne’s rock album was a slept on classic
Niggas really used to walk the block with boomboxes that weighed near 20lbs...SHit is madness lmao
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These muh-fuckas got a damn rat loose in the house. 🐀
Fanta originated in Germany as a result of difficulties importing Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi Germany during WWII.
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Nah. RT @_JackNForTweets: White Hoodrats Are The Worst Type Of Women Of All Time
The word ‘forever’ can never be taken literally.

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