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Hit her with that lazy dick, roll over, go back to sleep.
Fuckin’ with this nigga Jojo… Your Cheetos will come up missing.
Sex on the first date does not make you a hoee. Just like waiting a few months does not make you a wife.
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How can something so lovely be such a mess?
This chapter is almost over.
You’ll never understand.
"I'd wife" = I really don't mean marry but she has girlfriend qualities and I don't know anyone who's had sex with her yet.
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I don’t plan on being here very long.
Ain't no I in team ...ain't no we on the stand...
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Stop going out your way to misspell shit on purpose to seem cool that shit ain't cool.. We got enough dummies in the world already
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"@1youngblackmale: Woke up feeling like Drake." whoa whoa whoa..... You gotta chill with all that bro.
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Remember?! Muh-fucka!!!
Woke up feeling like Drake.
I hope these distractions don’t get in the way of my dreams. #nowheretogobutUP
Sometimes I stare at Twitter like a scientist would stare at a new strain of bacteria.
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