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Yall hoes do know that all races have melanin right ???
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In the kitchen, working my wrist…
Everybody’s scouters blowing up on their faces… RT @JustinWNS: Power levels stopped making sense after the Frieza saga.
Neighbors front yard. RT @ShawnWayne88: And that’s my next question…where all have You fucked in public
I am of African decent, yes. Other than the color of my skin, I highly doubt that Africans would consider anything about me to be African.
I find it funny that the average nigga knows nothing of Africa, yet has no discrepancy with the term African-American.
Niggas get so wrapped up in behaving like BLACK men that they forget to focus on being MEN first.
But niggas don’t hear me. I’m just flexing my #TwitterFingers and minding my business…
Black people are far too busy compartmentalizing themselves; missing experiences and opportunities for the sake of being black.
Sometimes I feel like black people are so concerned with being black that they forget about more pressing issues…
Has anyone seen my panties? They dropped when I saw @HeyDillinger all dressed up 😍
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Of course I accept the offer. The fuck?
Once in a blue moon this nigga will show up with a gram of some whatever and offer to smoke.
This nigga Alec always wants to smoke but never has any weed.
"Your family is so stupid, you give your chickens hot water so they can lay boiled eggs" is a popular "your mama"-type joke in Kenya.
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I’m surprised that no one has killed Bill Gates yet. Not saying it should happen, just saying that people have died for having less…
In the U.S., African-Americans who graduate from college have less wealth than Caucasians who haven't completed high school.
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Classy. RT @eaderaout: Lmaooo meek looked at her like he was bout to have a heart attack
I never wanted to move on from any woman that I loved, but you out here happy and shit without me so I guess I have to. Fucking asshole.
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For me, finding out that Drake has people that help him write, was similar to finding out that novelists have editors.
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That nigga dope RT @martymacphly: Dbar Shhmacker dat nigga!!! Say DBAR in the mirror 10 times…
Just because I’m pro-Black doesn’t mean that I’m anti-White.
When she keeps taking it out of her mouth every 5-10 seconds RT @LikeAGeminii: fellas what exactly makes head trash ?
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You know what I think is inconsiderate? Speaking to me when I clearly don’t feel like being spoken to.
On a few of those occasions, I’ve been told that I was being rude/inconsiderate. This may lead to a verbal altercation about my actions.
It’s not that I’m afraid to tell the person that I don’t wish to speak with them. I’ve done it. Occasionally, I still do. But…
Here I am, obviously uninterested in conversing with you, yet you continue to speak. Why?
I don’t respond, yet the person continues talking. I don’t get it.
Sometimes, when people are speaking to me and I don’t wish to be spoken to, I just don’t respond.
Good head > ZzzQuil
The United States ranks third in liking the United States, while Japan likes the U.S. the most, with Kenya a close second.
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Niggas is on one this morning.
Excuse me? RT @GhettoBasquiat: Put my face in her booty like a Vanilla cake
You can have any opinion you want just try to mention me with yours less than I mentioned you with mine. Especially if you just wanna argue.
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Everybody wants the world to be unfair in their favor but fair when it comes to how others treat them.
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Drink water people, lots of it
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Niggas always looking for a reason to take their shirt off for a bitch.
The second bowl always seems to smoke the longest…
Is it a bad thing that I find it impressive when I meet a woman who knows how to keep her clothes on?
Bachelor Pad is another… RT @ItzMrBlunt2Yall: There’s too many..…
Photo Shoot is one… RT @ItzMrBlunt2Yall: There’s too many..…
The internet can turn your daughter into a hoe
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When i was 11 sewing thread and a grocery bag could keep me entertained for hours...11 year olds now want ipads,ps4's, and some pussy
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