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Patricia Cornwell
"@forekast Discovered your works while I was in prison, fell in love with Scarpetta series. Thank you for helping me kill time!"my pleasure
"@Michaelconroy17 @1pcornwell Thinking of going back to the beginning again myself Really looking forward to# Flesh And Blood":)
@booktopia Impossible to order enough of @1pcornwell's #FleshAndBlood - a dead sure masterpiece!
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Honored to be part of @cnnopencourt Althea Gibson story. It airs Aug 23, 24, 30 & 31. Check it out.
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"@drjudymelinek: @Karensueann I love Patricia Cornwell too, like all good Forensic Pathologists do." Love that!
"@yougotredonyou: @1pcornwell reading 'Postmortem'... Marino isn't keen on Scarpetta. Oh, how things change! #backtothebeginning"they do
Being sold the brand new @1pcornwell Flesh & Blood - how many shall we order in? 10? 100? 1000+? I predict big things
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Going to be starting the @1pcornwell 'Scarpetta' series from scratch in anticipation of the new book. #BookReadathon
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@ChrissieEvert: “@FamousWomen: We all need to be needed.”LOVE THIS...”everyone does
So spoiled having 2 full days in the recording studio with @drstacigruber and the band. Let's do it again soon.
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@LoudGrindBand: @MichaelOrland @drstacigruber @keithmakesmusic best time ever!!! Talent, kindness, talent - music!!!!!!”loved watching
@Amyc1223: @1pcornwell I have extra copies of the missing books and will trade you for #FleshAndBlood.”no dice
@Tlcstarmoon: @1pcornwell I have all your books on my shelf. Your the only author that I keep all your books after I read them”honored
@LelaniPalmer: @1pcornwell Tigger, with the children's section, and a penguin. #PenguinObsessed”excellent taste
Ferguson police officers beat this man – then charged him for getting blood on their uniforms
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On my L.A. bookshelf. What's on yours?
#BREAKING Senator: Mo. governor to pull St. Louis County cops out of Ferguson
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I met him and won't forget. He was funny and very kind. #RobinWilliams Terribly sad.
Today the debut novel of my friend Annie Weatherwax, ALL WE HAD comes out in hardcover! It's stunningly beautiful !! You will love it!
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@USATODAY: Robin Williams has died at 63”such a heartbreak
A lovely quiet morning with #Scarpetta -- she's a little busy though.
Last chance to enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 Advance Reader's Editions of FLESH AND BLOOD by @1pcornwell #thriller
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