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Avery Sawyer
Nothing makes me more proud then seeing my boys follow their dreams. Proof of what God can do with just another brother from the hood with purpose and persistence. Watching my mans grow into one of the most positive brothers I know is truly a blessing... Help support the vision and dream of this Kin
You put your entire kingdom on hold to hold me... #jesus
Aftermath of #thepiatour Thank you @iamgenetics @wordsbyezekiel @preston_n_perry @jackiehillperry Needed you all tonight!!!! #poetsinautumn #Blessings
1st class with my seat back I still see ya... #WheelsUp
Heels for the Heroines-Blazers for the Bad Guys... #TGIF #fallishere
“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles." ‭‭Isaiah‬- 40:31‬ ‭ Because God is an Eagles fan #ItWasWritten #EaglesNation #forthebibletellsmesoooo
Can someone please find this Queen @iam_arcia and let her know that I'm single and not involved with anyone, that means sex too.(You gotta make that clear when you put your bid in fellas)and I just wanted to know if she had room in her smile for a "sure I'd love to get to know you better" I heard sh
Now back to my social media Fast
Invited a friend to church today... And now Gods kingdom has a new face... My heart is full... I think I finally got something right.
It'll never be the right time. Do it now
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Lebron, Demarcus Cousins, John Wall, Paul Millsap, Paul George(at the 2)…
My heart feels heavy tonight... Means I need prayer
We often meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it...
One on one time with God...
All the people who dragged Bernie Sanders for not meeting with BLM gotta feel foolish now. Wow BLM was ignoring campaign calls 😂😂😂
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They live with their "blind eye" buddies who say "not all cops are bad" but will turn around and save their badge before they save a life
They don't, they live with their teacher wives who are too afraid of black students to actual help them.…
And the winner of the First Annual Petty Olympics goes to...…
It's 2015 aka time to get rid of toxic masculinity and allow black boys to show emotions other than aggressiveness and competitiveness.
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NJ cops are dirty. Look up some of their history. Like the Marcus Jeter case, for example. I don't trust em one bit.
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Grateful that so many folks are sharing Radazz's story. He is a remarkable young man, and he deserves justice.
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Some people want you inundated w/ "critiques" so that you never progress in your art, work and/or activism. Self-defense becomes busy work.
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There are many effective, creative ways to push toward justice. Some public. Some private. We need every avenue to win freedom. ✊🏾
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My thing is, why shut down those sanders rallies with no ask? Then when sanders folks try to rap with you its "nah".
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"Women can exercise patriarchal power too," E.G.
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And for the record, @Nettaaaaaaaa is right, this began to be called "the BLM movement" after Ferguson because, media titled it that.
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Anyway, that's as far as I'm going. You can see now why calling it "the BLM movement" is problematic. Ain't no copyright on the movement.
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He didn't need too. Why is it an "Org" in the first place, sounds very divisive. Do we need Membership?…
@Nettaaaaaaaa @dreamhampton this is nothing but jealousy. I would laugh if it wasn't such a sad situation.
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@Nettaaaaaaaa @dreamhampton Dragging Deray down when he's doing work for the ppl. Clearly the movement isn't as important to you as your ego
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@dreamhampton and if you want to focus on him while ignoring the others who are working with him, including other black women just say that.
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Pain is the breaking of the shell that is enclosing your understanding.
Trust the process..
When GOD wants you to grow, he makes you uncomfortable.
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Until God is all you have you wont understand it... By and by the old folk used to say
A lot of folk have been hitting me up lately asking why I keep talking abt God so much these days.
God has been pruning me lately...
The hardest part of growth is the pruning process... It doesn't mean it won't grow back, but it's accepting that it wasn't growing right
You never know what God is doing in your life, focus on what he has for you even when it doesn't seem apparent
I've learned to put my pride aside and say the things that are on my heart. I can do this now because my heart is pure... I mean no harm
All of the chaos in me gave birth to all of this love that I have to give...
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Happy birthday one of my favorite creators, to my man 100Grand @questthepharaoh Blessed to bless with you King. Keep building Brother. #BlackExcellence #LoveUs
How can you save someone from something YOU can't stop being apart of?
I will be beautiful

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