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Avery Sawyer
What I'm going through may not be good to me.. But it's good for me.. Because we know that ALL things work together for Good
If you're going to vilify my and make me out to be someone I'm not.. Do that.....from a distance... I don't need that close to me.
Or like it was smooth sailing after slavery ended..…
I miss you, like everyday...
You're the only image in my mind... So I still see you, around..
See they wanna buy my pride.... But that just ain't up for sale
Why should I listen to a system that never listened to me
Take me into your loving arms.. Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars...
Choose to do the right thing even when it’s hard. Don’t let your feelings run your life.
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I want say a word, I won't say a word...
Ain't nothing wrong with a lil overflow..
I'm young, I'm black , I'm dope 😎👑
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I love that feeling of knowing that there is something bigger waiting for you. God is so good! Faith lifts me up 🙌🏽
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You mean in a Christian country, none of you God fearing upstanding white Christian folk are outraged at be burning of Black churches?
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Kevin Love is wild overpaid, last year exposed him TREMENDOUSLY, but Cavs have "Win now" mindset, must acquire talent to keep LBJ happy
If you're famous, wealthy and barely talented, DO NOT get on here complaining abt sales b, thank those who did support. That's class
im soo lost how yall come for these niggas but half of yall bartenders at clubs that i wdnt even take my enemies to
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Just take that L and keep quiet RT @Tyga: Yall mfs is funny. I put my album out myself for free on spotify,soundcloud, YouTube to stream.
The wiser you get, the more you understand maintaining your pride in a relationship isn't worth the consequences that come with it.
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We are..We all are not deaf to your issues, please keep talking until EVERYONE hears you…
CVS Burns.. National Coverage. "Something must be done" MULTIPLE black churches burn? Not so much...Noted #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches
Why the fuck isn't there a massive campaign of detectives finding out who is FUCKING BURNING CHURCHES
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Shouts to my brother @HueyCal just cause that's my bro and I'm bumping that first tape taking it way back... RT @ArashMarkazi: DeAndre Jordan is looking for a 4-year deal and a bigger role on offense.
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The only thing I'm sure of right now is that God has a plan. A really good one. So I just gotta wait it out.
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My rule of thumb is if I'm paying you don't touch the bill, don't look at it and don't ask questions.. The person who touches the bill pays
If you aren't paying you shouldn't know how much he tips because you shouldn't know how much the bill is #Guycode…
Also, be weary of people who think or act as tho they are incapable of fallibility. No one is ALWAYS right.
We are not always the victim. Be weary of folk who always play victim.
But we do it usually because we feel we owe them somehow. And sometimes we do. But at some point we have to know when it's time to let go
They USED, to be sweet, they USED, to be kind, they USED, to value and respect you.. But once they don't anymore why let them stay?
To often we let folk linger in our lives based on who they USED to be...
When folk have given up on you and show It, best thing you can do is leave them and show them and yourself why they are fools.
I have a bad habit of thinking because someone was good to me once upon a time that means they have right to be around when they aren't.
My biggest issue is knowing when to let go of folk who show me they don't belong in my life..
I'm not here to mistreated..
I got no friends in this mama
Having conversations with Mama..
Stop dressing like ASAP Rocky and calling yourself a trendsetter...
1..2..3... IV:AM I'm counting my blessings...
She look like 'I'm just here so I don't get fired'
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Anthony Hamilton got a slave hat to go with his slave vocals
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Traci Ellis Ross can get it all #BETAwards2015

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