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Avery Sawyer
Could've been having drinks, dancing and sharing laughs... Oh but of course
Tonight should've went much better than it did
Woke up from the craziest dream ever.. Im gonna make this into a story called "the proposal" Na better yet "Or forever hold your peace"
I thought a thing like this gets better with time, but I still need you...why is that?
First graders asked about the photo of Mike Brown. Such innocence
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UPDATE: NFL will not discipline Rams players for pre-game Ferguson protest…
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Dope date? Plan a scavenger hunt, with photo clues, riddles, the works. Incorporate places you've been and make the destination a hotel.
A dope date you say? Go to the airport, get the cheapest soonest flights available and when you land eat and spend the day/weekend there.
Crazy how you gotta wait til it's dark out to see whose really with you...
Forty acres and a cubicle... #StayWoke
You can have anything I got. All of me right on the spot 😌
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Still got some thug life in me.. 💂 🙏🙌
I love everybody.. I love peace I love God
I appreciate you, bro! Thank you for last night! @2Laces_1Soul
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🙌 RT@AnonymousGloboo: Ferguson protesters take lead in TIME’s Person of the Year
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1. Soul mates are not necessarily even romantic companionships. A lot of our soul mates are that best friend that connects with you +
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Peace also to those who performed tonight and shared their views in #Ferguson and all. Step one is complete.
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Tonight's show was peace
Relationship goals👌RT @mettaworldTRICEE: Old white lady outside boscovs said she was gonna go home and lick her husbands balls 😩😩😩”
Where are the black women who want to help raise better boys & not just complain about the sorry men?
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A house negro will blame himself before he let's his oppressor take the fall.
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White people need to stfu and chill out about needing to be allies. This is not your damn narrative. Your job is support.
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This blatant ignorance & willful blindness has become a veil to cover the racist ideologies that condone violence & oppression of blacks
On that note.. There is no reason we should as blacks not be outraged at the outward was of ignorance in light of the Mike Brown verdict
Many "privileges" are a result of male privilege. But not "Black" male privilege. There are no privileges that belong primarily to BM
There is no such thing as #blackmaleprivilege in America..
Show me a time where people obtained freedom by asking nicely?
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They legit got Batman to play Moses...let that sink in
Build a person up me it's ok
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You ever have to be so badly you start contemplating peeing in yourself?
I'm here tryna get some writing done and I have to pee sooooo bad it's ridiculous
We should be boycotting these exploitative conglomerates every single day. We should be building our businesses up every single day.
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Boycotting Black Friday shouldn't be a "today" thing.. We should support black owned business ALL THE TIME.. But today is a start
But the scores 33-10 so the jokes kinda on you brah
That hit was bitchmade and uncalled for
Cmon Eagles don't blow this one
Shady needs to get it together!!!
It seems impossible, but Ne-Yo is actually more nasally live. BK
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I need some mens snow boots
Thank you to all the people who DM'd me in reference to organizing a protest.. Keep them coming we are really starting something powerful
But they're killing black boys for breathing and there are more important issues going on right now
You are a Well to some folk, a source of which its contents come from anything but it's user. But Wells run dry...
When someone's sees you as simply a source of joy often it is their satisfaction alone they are looking for. They do not care Abt yours.