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Avery Sawyer
I learned a lot from folk I hardly speak to anymore... But if ever they needed me. I'd be there... Not a second late
Sometimes the very people you hated or hated you at a point grow into the very reasons you are who you are today.. Life is funny like that
...meaningless power by the powerless is entertainment. Laughable because it's delusional. And funniest when black person does it.
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It is one of the most mainstream engrained popular movies ever. So it shows to average white person, that kind of squabbling over...
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...not only is it meant to be comedic but comedic to who? Who is audience for Gone with the Wind. It's not black people.
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The joke being, they're all slaves in a field and the idea that they're arguing over meaningless titles and privileges are seen as comedic
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...who is the foreman gets mad and corrects him because HE has the title. Says "YOURE not the one who says quitting time, I AM!"
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There's a scene in Gone with the Wind that Neely Fuller always discusses. One slave says "it's quitting time." Other field slave...
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Oh how he loves us...
Every single hashtag that ever appeared on Twitter always went left after the first 11 tweets. It's not even worth getting upset anymore
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But I forgot, Twitter says only dark GIRLS can be celebrated, not your black ass younger brother who got picked on in HS, yeah Fck him
Because if it was all abt complexion and making darker people feel beautiful black MEN would be being celebrated as well...
This hashtag is abt more than complexion.. Looking at the pics going up a lot of it is abt personal beauty perceptions and biases
Cops out here shooting people with their arms up... And your main focus is tryna harm us?
TBH I think that's why ppl are frustrated, bc if a hashtag abt light skinned women came out there would be uproar.…
VIDEO: @MiamiPD cop beats handcuffed complying man in back of squad car
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Everything doesn't need to be a fckin hashtag... People are DYING in our own backyards, cops are killing children. Can we stop the pettiness
Can we stop trying to be so inclusive that we neglect the core purpose of our various objectives? Please? #FlexinMyComplexion
They're going to miss the whole point!!!…
There are a lot of myths that only exist on Twitter...
86 percent of black men who are married are married to black women... Please do not let Twitter fool.
All things are possible through God, stay prayed up, stay blessed 🙏🏾
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Me and @montiegreen #FOE #Greenbabies #TBT
People won't understand your vision now, but they will later.
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I'm trying to be the best me and set up my future. I don't have time to chill or be stagnant.
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Sometimes I go through my favorite followers old tweets just to check up on them. Like a father peeking in his child's room at bedtime.
That's why I put Black solidarity before POC solidarity.
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Screaming you love natural women but breaking your back for the attention of women with fake everything.
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Take a second to reflect. Give yourself credit for how far you've come. Self motivation is the best motivation.
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Meanwhile they are shooting UNARMED 14 year olds in our own home state and most folk don't even know abt it. #WhyTheyShootMe
Jesus never hung with the saints, it makes no sense to save the righteous...
I talk abt God because I know I've had issues b, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without him. I don't have to perpetrate.
But when I tell you that if you don't acknowledge you're failures and flaws as much as you do your pluses you're insecure. Believe me.
I've been so focused on my own growth that I haven't had much time to focus on what other people are doing, but i pray for everyone
If you had it that together you wouldn't need God, humble yourself.
Nothing's worse than a person who knows better the flaws of others than their own.
That's why so many folk can tell you what they Won't tolerate before they tell you what abt them should change
We know who others should be far better than we know who we should be...
Tchaikovsky is easily one of the more under appreciated composers
I love to see my friends/associates winning!!
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I might be moving to Cali come January 11th yall, pray for Ya boy
Investing in yourself means time, money, energy, love, all that... Surround yourself with people who are invested in your growth

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