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Azza Boughalleb
Opes it's not my twitter account I'm her best friend, and I'll take this moment to say I love you busy 😍
Oh gosh I can't believe that I didn't sleep for 26hours
And right from the start you know I got you :)
Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim followers :)
Feels good to be back, I've missed my bed terribly 😄
I can't stop listening to it, I think I need help lol… … You guys need to listen to this, he's crazy talented.
Your image's hunting my soul
Hey Everyone, This is a NEW song called "DO YOU STILL LOVE ME"!! Check it out on Soundcloud :) This is just a...
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I'm starting to get my voice back 😄
Had it purple yesterday ha trying em all out ha 😜
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rt if Cameron Dallas doesn't follow you!:) helping everyone with my notification on get his follow
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Okay I was being a drama queen, but really I can't talk whatsoever, this cold is so bad :'( I can whisper though
Even my voice left me
💢RETWEET 💢IF 💢YOU 💢FOLLOWBAC#MGWV#MGWV ⇩THEY⇩💯@Itweettoomuch10m@CENTRALMGWVA@turigurumeg@erdempulurm@___Ozz___Ozz___
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#HappyBirthdayJazmynBieber 7 already, wow! I hope her day is as special as her. :)
With all those wars and intolerance and hatred in this world, I come to a point where I lose my faith in humanity sometimes
LOVE seeing people stoked about being here at a show!!! Rock out with your shamrocks out
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Nothing is better than smoking a cigarette in the late late quiet night while listening to @bandonov.
Doing a NEW COVER of asaprockyofficial_ new song #LSD (LOVE SEX DREAM) xo #newcover #music #2015…
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Too lazy to get up and bring my laptop that is two steps away 😩
realized he was shorter than that girl so he got up on his tip toes then smiled proudly #DearLouis
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#DearLouis thank you for not growing up and not being afraid to be yourself, you inspire us
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I'm in the "I don't even like my cat right now" mood
"Me: I'm finally happy. Life: lol, wait a sec."
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OK, so @5SOS were pretty incredible!! We'll have some of their best moments online shortly :) #BigWeekend
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The support from you guys is overwhelming! I get so excited knowing my music is gonna be coming out soon and I can return all the love xoxo
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be active for dms and RT and fav my tweets fast must have my notifications on!!!!
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Playing @BBCR1's Big Weekend tomorrow! if you're in the UK you can watch live online. so excited
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leather jackets are the sexiest shit ever
the rush of happiness I feel whenever bobby retweets or favorites a tweet of mine never gets old.
It feels like heaven to my ears listening to Bobby Andonov. I love this guys because he's got a talent that is able to melt ANY heart.
when u in a group chat and someone from the chat msgs u from outside the chat. that shit be feeling mad serious, like why we whispering fam?
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Good night, or good morning.. It's almots 4 am lol
Theyre trying to tell us Lukes the new drummer Ash new bassist and Calum new guitarist.. Michaels dropping the band to be a chef #5ONTHEWALL
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Here's the video for #5ONTHEWALL !! (( the video that was playing on the website )) -sam…
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If I am not wrong, 5SOS fam is the only fandom that asks for a studio version. Because we get live versions first.
Y'a des gens c'est comme les nuages quand y'en a pas c'est une putain de belle journée
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